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Amanda Dyson

Amanda Dyson

Where are you from?

Huntington, IN

What year are you?

2nd Year

What is your degree program and anticipated graduation date?

MBA (May 2016)

What's the best out of classroom experience you've had so far here at Purdue?

My favorite experience has been participating in case competitions. These are a great way to not only enhance your learning outside of the classroom, but also to work on diverse teams compiled of students from a slew of Krannert Master’s Programs. For example, I’ve had the pleasure of working on case competition teams with students from the Global Supply Chain program and from the 1-year MBA program.

What would you tell your undergrad or first-year self if you could share one piece of advice?

Grades are not everything. There’s a lot to be learned in the classroom, but there’s so much more available to do through Krannert clubs, City Treks, and volunteering opportunities. Be sure to study hard, but don’t forget that there’s more to this experience than classes!

What is the best resource you've discovered here at Purdue and why is it the best?

My peers. One of the best things about Krannert is how diverse it is. Having people from so many different backgrounds and walks of life has led to me being able to ask my network for help from everything from business analytics homework to peoples’ opinion on how to approach the job search process.

What is the greatest challenge you've overcome in the program and how did it help you grow?

The internship process was one that was particularly difficult for me. I can’t even count how many rejection emails from how many companies I received over the course of my search, but it was a great lesson of perseverance for me. I’ll never forget a quote that a 2nd year student told me when we were talking about my frustration with the process. She said, “It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop.” I think that’s extremely important to remember when going through the day-in and day-out of life at Krannert – it won’t be easy, but it will be worth it so keep going.

How has Krannert helped you develop your leadership skills?

There are so many opportunities for leadership development in Krannert, both inside of the classroom and out through extracurricular activities. Working with teams in the classroom setting and serving on club leadership boards are two examples of how I’ve been able to grow as a leader while here at Krannert.