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Qizheng He

Student MSA Spotlight Rawls Hall

MS Accounting Student

Why should a prospective student choose the Krannert School of Management?

Just go to Krannert. Krannert moves textbook knowledge into the business landscape, expands job opportunities, and endorses students as “Career Ready” to separate students in the eyes of employers. Krannert also delivers the tools and expertise students need to face a changing world. Purdue does this by having all the graduate students collaborate together.  As a result, you can experience other cultures and disciplines that prepare you for your career. After all, I had a fantastic experience.

What extracurricular clubs are you involved in at Krannert.  How have they contributed to your experience?

I'm involved in the Graduate Accounting Association at Purdue (GAAP) and the Finance Club. It multiplies my career options by being involved in various club events.  I was able to participate in conferences and case competitions, build my professional network, and develop leadership skills.

How would you describe the Krannert faculty?
Krannert Faculty members are world-renowned, experienced, and responsible. I like to be challenged by them. They didn't make it easy, but they always wanted to help each one of us move forward. Not only did they teach the materials, but they taught students different ways of thinking. Not only are they professors, but they are also friends. Krannert faculty members are always available.

Your classmates come from a variety of work backgrounds. What have you been able to learn from them?
Working with people from different backgrounds really broadened my views and thoughts. Everyone has a unique perspective about the same project. I was able to learn multiple ways to approach things and also share my views. I am always excited about all the possibilities that my classmates bring.

How has Krannert helped develop your leadership skills?

Krannert helped me to develop leadership skills from the first day of Orientation. During Orientation, I had the chance to pinpoint my default leadership style through group activities and surveys so that I can not only play to my strengths, but also work on my weaknesses. Throughout the academic year, Krannert provided me many great opportunities to get involved within team projects, case competitions, and clubs to develop leadership skills.

How would you describe living in West Lafayette?

It’s really one of the best college towns. The campus is big and beautiful. Our proximity to the cities of Chicago, Indianapolis, Detroit, St. Louis makes a students’ life much more fun. It’s convenient to get away and travel. What Purdue students will absolutely enjoy is Chauncey Village, which has many restaurants, bookstores, theaters, bars, cultural festivals, and activities to keep things interesting.

Away from Krannert, what do you do for fun?

Outside of Krannert, I am a member of Purdue Chinese Christian Fellowship. I enjoy being there every Friday and Sunday to help with Singspirations, conferences, retreats, and mission trips. I am also one of the volunteer income tax preparers. I love to help with students and local residents with their tax issues.

What do you like most about Krannert and Purdue?

The most amazing thing about Krannert is the people. Here you will find others who will inspire, support, challenge, and surprise you. While at Krannert, you will have countless engaging conversations that broaden your thoughts and ambitions.

How have you been assisted in your job search?

I wanted to leverage my accounting skills to land a position that allowed me to think deeper and broader. I relied on the Krannert Professional Development Center (KPDC) to help me with every step. I told the career services professionals my goals and they were helpful in giving me the tools to get the job I wanted. Through KPDC, I was able to explore my career paths through one-on-one counseling sessions, develop resume that showcased my talents through resume critiques sessions, and engage in mock interviews. Such preparation made me comfortable in recruiting and beyond.

When we catch up with you in 10 years, what do you expect to be doing?
I see myself as a leading expert in the tax field ten years from now. At this level, I will have the opportunity to continue contributing my abilities in a challenging and rewarding environment. I will also be spending quality time with family.