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Because technology doesn't just rule the world. It's the next dynasty.

Why Krannert?

Tomorrow’s business leaders will be those who speak the language of innovation—who know how to analyze data, develop and statistically justify creative business solutions, and even take new technologies to market.

If you envision yourself as one of these leaders, the Krannert School of Management is where you want to be.

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Alive inside a world-renowned, research-based university with a long history of leadership in science and engineering, Krannert offers a more analytical, problem-solving brand of business education and a more pragmatic, get-the-job-done approach to academics.

Unlike anywhere else, at Krannert, you’ll learn how to learn—how to inquire, research and think in new ways.

All the while, you’ll be immersed in a collaborative, work-ethic culture that imparts the soft skills of leadership—how to develop and communicate a vision, and diplomatically influence others to actualize it.

This is why Krannert. This is where global business leaders begin.

Take a broader look at the Krannert experience.

Purdue Is Growth Factor for Game Changers

As of February 2016...

  • #8 producer of startup talent among U.S. public universities
  • #18 in most alumni serving as Fortune 500 CEOs
  • 91% graduate success rate (5-year average)