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Professional Development & Job Placement

Incredibly Savvy Career Services

Life’s most important lessons are rarely found in a book.

In fact, when the return on your education investment comes down to the job you ultimately land, they aren’t found in a “hands-on” lab either. They are found in the richness of human networking and the priceless utility of professional social-skill development that are value-added hallmarks of the Krannert School of Management.

As a student at Krannert, unlike anywhere else, you’ll be able to leverage a dynamic array of career resources and opportunities that range from leadership coursework and one-on-one coaching to an alumni network unsurpassed in industry diversity and a full slate of high-energy career fairs — including the largest collegiate fair in the country.

Through it all, you’ll work with a staff of professionals who never lose sight of the fact that while earning your degree on time is a crucial step in reaching your career goals, getting into the workforce on time is equally important.

Krannert’s four-year graduation rate has soared from 42 percent to 74 percent, and 95 percent of our graduates are placed within three months. When an additional one-third of our students are able to secure an additional year of earnings and save one year of college costs, it adds up to a savings of $18 million per entering class.