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Accessible Faculty / Student Mentors

Approachable Human Resources

Approachable 'Human' Resources

Higher learning should be down to Earth.

That’s why, as a complement to its more analytical, researched-based business curriculum, the Krannert School of Management operates with a deep appreciation of the more organic, less formulaic human qualities of education.

From the moment you hear a live voice when you first engage the Krannert School, you’ll appreciate all that makes you feel welcome and genuinely supported throughout your academic pursuits.

Looking back, virtually every graduate can point to a personal engagement at Krannert as a turning point in his or her journey — one of the invaluable student mentor programs, the emphasis on faculty accessibility, the cohort learning model, the tireless career-service coaching, or the amazing global exposure experience, with Purdue consistently ranking high in on-campus diversity and study-abroad opportunities.

You’ll expand and share your creativity with highly accessible faculty who are renowned as experts in their fields and find mentors who serve as networking touchpoints with the potential to ignite passions you’d never before imagined.

What’s the bottom line? Following a record-breaking year of fundraising in the 2017-18 fiscal year, Krannert has committed more than $20 million to augment the school’s resources with private and corporate support to build the strongest possible faculty and enhanced student experiences.