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Small Class Size | Big Ten Business | Global Alumni Network

Small School, Enormous Network

It’s not the size of the fish in the pond. It’s how tight the ‘school’ is.
When other business colleges, right or wrong, promote a more individualistic, competitive, status-driven student vibe, the Krannert School of Management is unapologetically team oriented.

Yes, Krannert is part of a Big Ten university and offers all the related “big-pond” advantages that come with it, including access to a global and highly engaged alumni network that dramatically enhances learning and career opportunities.

But, by comparison to its peers, Krannert is proportionately smaller in scale—maintaining a student-professed family feel, a more mutually encouraging atmosphere of competition, and a highly collaborative classroom model that is reflective of the way today’s successful business enterprises operate and solve problems.

So, big fish on campus? Perhaps. But very few at Krannert put much stock in that. Instead, they’re more inclined to succeed together.