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About Krannert

  • Purdue’s Krannert School is integrated with one of the world’s leading engineering, science and technology universities and teaches business concepts in a STEM context.

  • Students and alumni of Purdue’s Krannert School have the combination of management skills and STEM backgrounds that most business schools cannot provide.

  • Graduate students complement their technical and analytical backgrounds with key business skills and leadership education.

  • Undergraduate students acquire skills that allow them to make data-driven decisions and to solve business problems in a broad spectrum of industries.

  • Purdue’s Krannert School produces graduates who are immediately prepared to contribute, and who have the leadership skills to quickly move up the ladder.

  • Faculty, staff, students and alumni of Purdue’s Krannert School push the boundaries of knowledge and solve the world’s most complex problems every day.

  • Purdue’s Krannert School is proud that its student population is one of the most globally diverse of any U.S. management school.