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BKD Brown Bag Workshop

2011 Presenters

Coordinators: Mark Bagnoli and Susan G. Watts

All workshops will be held in Rawls Hall room 3058 from 11:30 to 1:00 pm.

John Fellingham The Ohio State University July 21, 2011 TBA
Doug Schroeder* The Ohio State University Friday July 22, 2011 10:00 - 11:30 RAWL 3082 TBA (Econometrics Workshop on treatment effects)

* BKD Speaker Series: Special workshop for faculty and PhD students

Summer Brown Bag Workshop 2010

Jason Stanfield Purdue University June 25, 2010 "The Effect of Hedge Fund Activism on Corporate Tax Avoidance" (with Cheng, Huang and Li)
Rick Johnston Purdue University July 16, 2010 "The Effect of Regulator Oversight on Firms' Information Environment: Securities and Exchange Commission Comment Letters" (with Chen)
Casey Rowe Purdue University July 23, 2010 preliminary paper distributed in mailboxes
Sumantra Chakravarty Purdue University July 30, 2010 Discussion of Applications of Variance Decomposition Methods

Summer Brown Bag Workshop 2009

Steve Orpurt SMU / Purdue University Thursday June 25, 2009 "Does Debt-IPO by Privately-held Firms Trigger Financial Statement Management?"
Jason Stanfield Purdue University Thursday July 9, 2009 "The Role of External Accountants in Start-up Firms"
Melvin Lamboy Purdue University Thursday July 16, 2009 Postponed
Casey Rowe Purdue University Thursday July 23, 2009 "Accounting and Cross-Functional Teams: Influencing the Emergence and Content of Implicit Contracts"
Yinghua Li Purdue University Thursday July 30, 2009 Postponed

Summer Brown Bag Workshop 2008

Carol Anilowski Purdue University Tuesday July 8, 2008 Target Firm Earnings Management and the Method of Sale: Evidence from Auctions and Negotiations
Jason Stanfield Purdue University Thursday July 17, 2008 Jason will lead a discussion of Kumar and Visvanathan, "The Information Content of the Deferred Tax Valuation Allowance," The Accounting Review, April, 2003
Yinghua Li Purdue University Thursday July 24, 2008 RAWL 2079 TBA

Summer Brown Bag Workshop 2007

Devin Shanthikumar Harvard University Monday June 18, 2007 "Investor and Price Reaction to Earnings Restatements," Frieder and Shanthikumar
Yinghua Li Purdue University Wednesday June 20, 2007 "Management Forecast Errors and CEO Turnover," Feng, Gong, Koch and Li
Rick Johnston The Ohio State University Tuesday June 26, 2007 "Sell-Side Debt Analysts," by Johnston, Markov and Ramnath
Sumantra Chakravarty Purdue University Tuesday July 10, 2007 "Economic Sufficiency and Usage Insulation Property of Average Cost Allocation in a Service Degradation Environment" by Chakravarty and Radhakrishnan
Carol Anilowski Purdue University Wednesday July 18, 2007 "Quarterly Earnings Guidance and Preannouncements by Family Firms and the Market Reaction to Them," by Anilowski, Bagnoli, Liu and Watts

Summer Brown Bag Workshop 2006

Mike Kirschenheiter Purdue University June 27, 2006 Discretionary Disclosure and Cost of Capital Reading 1; Reading 2; Reading 3; Reading 4
Yinghua Li Purdue University July 11, 2006 "Impact of Institutional Investors as Lead Plaintiffs in Securities Class Action Litigations" by Cheng, Huang, Li and Lobo
In-Ho Suk Purdue University July 18, 2006 "Earnings Reporting for Avoiding Earnings Decreases and Losses: Signaling Future Frequency in Earnings Increases and Profits?"
Hsin-Tsai Liu Purdue University July 25, 2006 "Family Firms, Debtholder-Shareholder Agency Costs and the Use of Covenants in Private Debt," by Bagnoli, Liu and Watts

Summer Brown Bag Workshop 2005

Susan Watts Purdue University June 14, 2005 "Reg FD and the Competitiveness of All-Star Analysts" by Bagnoli, Watts and Zhang
Mike Kirschenheiter Purdue University June 28, 2005 "Value Relations with Endogenous Investment" by Feltham and Wu
Gil Bae Korea University July 12, 2005 "Bank relationship and earnings management: Evidence from public equity offerings in Japan" by Bae and Kang
Jinyoung Park Purdue University July 26, 2005 "Legal Liability Coverage and Accounting Quality" by Chung and Park
In-Ho Suk Purdue University August 2, 2005 "The role of corporate in-house legal counsel and firms’ voluntary disclosure of forward-looking information: The case of management earnings forecasts" by Kwak, Ro and Suk

The Accounting Area wishes to express its appreciation to BKD for supporting the area's research mission and for sponsoring our Brown Bag Workshop.