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Past Speakers: BKD Workshop

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2017-2018 Speakers

Speaker School Workshop Date Paper
 Ali Alyakoob  Purdue University

 August 31, 2018

9:30 - 10:30

 Second Year Summer Paper Presentation
 Duke Ferguson  Purdue University

 August 31, 2018

10:45 - 11:45

 Second Year Summer Paper Presentation
 Hayoon Yee  Purdue University

 August 31, 2018

2:00 - 3:00

 Second Year Summer Paper Presentation
 Cristi Gleason  University of Iowa  Oct. 5, 2018   "Did FIN 48 Improve the Predictive Ability of Tax Expense? Evidence from a Comparison with IFRS Firms"
 Scott Asay University of Iowa Nov. 16, 2018  "Consumer Responses to Corporate Tax Planning"
Kevin Koharki
Purdue University Dec. 7, 2018  TBA
 Thomas Godwin  Purdue University  Jan. 18, 2019  Asset Substitution Incentives and Uncertain Tax Choices
 John Donovan  University of Notre Dame  Jan. 25, 2019   "Lender Monitoring and Borrower Actions: Economic Consequences of Lender Distraction"
 John Barrios  University of Chicago  Feb. 15, 2019   "Measurement Matters: Financial Reporting and Profitability"
 Thomas Godwin  Purdue University  April 5, 2019  "Does Fair Value Accounting Affect How Banks Signal Future Performance?  Evidence from SFAS 115"
Bridget Stomberg Indiana University April 12, 2019   "The Trade-Off Between Reporting Complexity and Proprietary Costs in Voluntary Disclosure Decisions: Evidence from Voluntary Tax Disclosures"
Daniel Aobdia Northwestern University postponed to fall  TBA
Harold Lopez University of Chile May 10, 2019  "Impact of IFRS Adoption on Conservatism in Latin America"
 Tess Lou  Purdue University  Sept. 8, 2017  Second Year Summer Paper Presentation
 Alex Edwards  University of Toronto  Sept. 15, 2017 "The Decreasing Trend in Cash Effective Tax Rates"
 Jon Black and Hayoon Yee  Purdue University  Nov. 3, 2017  "Do Influential General Counsels Demand Conditionally Conservative Financial Reporting?"
 Ayung Tseng  Indiana University  Nov. 17, 2017 "Economic Event Characteristics and Disclosure Choice: Evidence from Influential Negative Economic Events"
 Sanjeev Bhojraj  Cornell University  April 6, 2018 "How Do Exchange Traded Funds Affect the Processing of Earnings Information?"
Purdue Accounting Theory Conference   May 18, 19 2018  


2016-2017 Speakers

Speaker School Workshop Date Paper
Jaron Wilde University of Iowa Sept. 9, 2016 "Taking Shadow Insurance Out of the Shadows: Regulatory Arbitrage, Taxes and Capital"
Ben Angelo Purdue University

9:30 - 10:30 am
Sept. 16, 2016
RAWL 4054

Second Year Summer Paper Presentation
Thomas Godwin Purdue University

11:00 - 12:00
Sept. 16, 2016
RAWL 4054

Second Year Summer Paper Presentation
Gwen Yu Harvard University

1:00 - 2:30
Sept. 30, 2016
RAWL 3058

"Managing Reputation: Evidence from Biographies of Corporate Directors"
Yeejin Jang and Kailey Lee Purdue University Oct. 7, 2016 "Investor Trading Horizon and Real and Accrual-Based Earnings Management"
Laura Li University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana Oct. 21, 2016 "Relative Performance Evaluation and the Timing of Earnings Release"
 Recruiting   Oct. 28, 2016  TBA
 Recruiting   Nov. 4, 2016  TBA
Kailey Lee
Purdue University  Jan. 27, 2017  Auditor Changes and Stock Price Crashes
Chad Ham
Washington University at St. Louis Feb. 24, 2017 "Do Analysts Say Anything About Earnings Without Revising Their Earnings Forecasts?"
Michael Minnis University of Chicago April 21, 2017  TBA
Purdue Accounting Theory Conference   May 19 and 20, 2017  

2015-2016 Speakers

Speaker School Workshop Date Paper
Arnold Kuk Purdue University

Sept. 4, 2015
9:00 - 10:00 am RAWL 4054

Second Year Summer Research Paper will be distributed
Faisal Alibrahim Purdue University

Sept. 4, 2015
10:30 - 11:30 am RAWL 4054

Second Year Summer Research Paper will be distributed
Jon Black Purdue University Sept. 18, 2015 "Information Production and the Duration of Accounting Fraud"
Jeff Burks University of Notre Dame Oct. 16, 2015 "Day 30: The Tacit Quarterly Information Event in the Banking Industry"
Itay Kama University of Michigan Oct. 23, 2015 "Management Expectations and Asymmetric Cost Behavior""
P.J. Hoffman Purdue University Oct. 30, 2015 "Not All CSR Reports Are Created Equal: Report Quality and Voluntary Third-Party Assurance"
Jeremiah Green Penn State University Nov. 13, 2015 "Hedge Fund Voluntary Disclosure"
Matthew Lyle Northwestern University  March 11, 2016  TBA
Purdue Accounting Theory Conference   June 3-4, 2016  


2014-2015 Speakers

Speaker School Workshop Date Paper
Paul Ordyna Purdue University Sept. 26, 2014 Voluntary Going Concern Disclosure and Bankruptcy Planning
Dan Wangerin Michigan State University Oct. 3, 2014 "M&A and Big CEO Paydays: The Effects of the 2006 SEC Compensation Disclosure Regulation"
Clare Wang Northwestern University Oct. 24, 2014 "Are CSR Expenditures Affected by Investor Sentiment"
Kyung Lee Purdue University Nov. 7, 2014 "Auditor Changes and Stock Price Crashes"
Sam Melessa University of Iowa

Nov. 14, 2014 1:00 - 2:30 RAWL 2077

"Does Managerial Sentiment Affect Accrual Estimates? Evidence from the Banking Industry"
Purdue Accounting Theory Conference May 29-30, 2015 Conference papers


2013-2014 Speakers

Speaker School Workshop Date Paper
Craig Chapman Northwestern University Sept. 20, 2013 "Real Earnings Management in Sales, the Interaction with Finance and Appearance in Financial Reports"
Pingyang Gao University of Chicago Oct. 4, 2013 "Optimal Thresholds in Accounting Recognition Standards"
Romana Autrey University of Illinois, Urbana Champaign Oct. 18, 2013 "The Importance of Audit Quality Standards"
Jennifer Altamuro Wharton/The Ohio State University

Oct. 25, 2013

RAWL 2079

"A Commitment to Quality: An Examination of Plant-Level Quality Control Failures and Financial Reporting Weaknesses"
Yun Zhang George Washington University Nov. 15, 2013 "The Effects of Public Information with Asymmetrically Informed Short-Horizon Investors"
Michael Fu Purdue University

February 28, 2014

RAWL 2077

"Insider Trading Filing and Intra-Industry Information Transfer"
Judson Caskey University of Texas, Austin

to be rescheduled

Anil Arya The Ohio State University

to be rescheduled

Salman Arif Indiana University

April 25, 2014

RAWL 2077

"The Investment Perspective of Accurals: Do Theories of Investment Under Uncertainty Provide Insight Into the Factors that Shape a Firm's Level of Accruals?"


2012-2013 Speakers

Speaker School Workshop Date Paper
 Paul Ordyna Purdue University Sept. 7, 2012
RAWL 2082
Second year summer paper
 David Yermack New York University Sept. 21, 2012*
RAWL 1057

"Tailspotting: How Disclosure, Stock Prices and Volatility Change when CEOs Fly to Their Vacation Homes"

 KoEun Park Purdue University Sept. 28, 2012
RAWL 1057
"Do Short Sellers Arbitrage Pricing Anomalies Related to Earnings Management?"
 Stephannie Larocque University of
Notre Dame
Oct. 12, 2012
RAWL 1057

"Analysts' Choice of Peer Companies"

 Feng Li University of Michigan Nov. 9, 2012
RAWL 1057
"Estimating the Amount of Estimation in Accruals"
 Nemit Shroff MIT Dec. 7, 2012
RAWL 1057

"Information Environment and the Investment Decisions of Multinational Corporations"

 Ramji Balakrishnan* University of Iowa 

May 13, 2013

8:30 - 10:00 am

Overview of Product Costing Literature

reading: Balakrishnan and Sivaramakrishnan, "A Critical Overview of the Use of Full-Cost Data for Planning and Pricing," JMAR, 2002

 Ramji Balakrishnan* University of Iowa 

May 13, 2013

10:30 - 12:00 

"On the Profit Efficiency of Tidy Cost Systems: A Numerical Experiment"
 Ramji Balakrishnan* University of Iowa 

May 13, 2013

2:00 - 3:30 pm 

Student led paper discussions
 Ramji Balakrishnan* University of Iowa 

May 14, 2013

8:30 - 10:00 am 

Comparison of Research Methods

reading: "Causality Relations in Analytical Models and Numerical Experiments," working paper 2013.

 Ramji Balakrishnan* University of Iowa 

May 14, 2013

10:30 - 12:00

"Knowledge Sharing within Organizations: Cooperate or Compete?"

* Joint Accounting and Finance Workshop



Speaker School Workshop Date Paper
Harold Lopez Purdue University Sept. 9, 2011
RAWL 2070
second year paper
Amy Choy Purdue University Sept. 16, 2011
RAWL 2070
"The Role of Non-Binding Guidance on Bargaining: An Experimental Investigation"
Kris Allee Michigan State University Sept. 30, 2011 "Private versus Public Corporate Ownership: Implications for Future Profitability"
Daniel Beneish Indiana University, Bloomington Oct. 14, 2011 "Why Do CEOs Survive Corporate Storms? Collusive Directors, Legal Jeopardy and Costly Replacement"
Amy Choy Purdue University Oct. 21, 2011
RAWL 2070
"Delegated Bargaining: An Experimental Study"
Bill Dilla Iowa State University Nov. 18, 2011 "Avatars, Capital Ships, and False Promises: An Analysis of Fraud in Virtual Worlds and its Implications for the Real World"
Recruiting   Jan. 13, 2012  
Recruiting   Jan. 20, 2012  
Recruiting   Jan. 27, 2012  
Recruiting   Feb. 3, 2012  
Recruiting   Feb. 10, 2012  
Recruiting   March 23, 2012  
Christian Leuz University of Chicago March 30, 2012 Joint Accounting and Finance Workshop "Mandatory IFRS Reporting and Changes in Enforcement"


Speaker School Workshop Date Paper
KoEun Park Purdue University August 27, 2010 second year summer paper
Li Yao Purdue University September 17, 2010 "Analyst Forecast Revisions and Credit Rating Agency Actions"
Mauricio Melgarejo Purdue University October 15, 2010
RAWL 2079
"Beating Market Expectations, Analysts' Forecasts Dispersion and the Pricing of Credit Default Swaps"
Stan Markov UT Dallas October 22, 2010
Note time change: 1-2:30 pm
"The Market Reaction to Meeting or Beating the Consensus"
Brian Mittendorf The Ohio State University November 12, 2010 "Disclosure Standards for Vertical Contracts"
Sarah Zechman University of Chicago November 19, 2010 "Disclosure Tone and Shareholder Litigation"
Melvin Lamboy Purdue University Tuesday November 23, 2010
RAWL 3058
Note the time change: 3-4:30
"The Effect of Tax-Exempt Status and Regulatory Scrutiny on Managers' Portfolios of Earnings Management Strategies in Hospitals"
Monica Neamtiu University of Arizona December 3, 2010 "Does Investment-Related Pressure Lead to Misreporting?  An Analysis of Reporting Following M&A Transactions"
Sumantra Chakravarty Purdue University December 10, 2010 "Conservatism Flow and the Pricing of Credit Risk"
Recruiting   January 21, 2010  
Recruiting   February 4, 2010  
Recruiting   February 11, 2010  
Recruiting   February 18, 2010  
Bill Tayler Emory University March 11, 2011 "Information Pursuit Bias in Auditors: The Effects of Litigation Risk and Auditor Experience"
Catherine Shakespeare University of Michigan April 15, 2011 "Market Reaction to Securitization Retained Interest Impairments during the Financial Crisis of 2007-2008: Are Implicit Guarantees Worth the Paper They're Not Written On?"


Speaker School Workshop Date Paper
Anil Arya The Ohio State University Aug. 28, 2009 "Supply Chains and Segment Profitability: How Input Pricing Creates a Latent Cross-Subsidy"
Jason Stanfield Purdue University Sept. 4, 2009  (second year paper)
Jae Ju Purdue University Sept. 4, 2009 (second year paper)
Michael Robinson Purdue University Sept. 18. 2009 (second year paper)
Amy Sun Penn State University Sept. 25, 2009 "Investor Inattention, Strategic Timing of Merger Announcements, and Stock-for-Stock Acquirers' Long-Term Underperformance"
Clayton Forester University of Minnesota Nov. 20, 2009 "Does More Conservative Revenue Recognition Improve the Informativeness of Earnings?"
Yinghua Li Purdue University Dec. 4, 2009 "Hedge Fund Intervention and Accounting Conservatism"
Ted Goodman  University of Arizona Dec. 11, 2009 "Voluntary Disclosure and the Demand for Information"
Mike Crawley University of Texas, Austin Jan. 29, 2010 "Macroeconomic Consequences of Accounting: The Effect of Accounting Conservatism on Macroeconomic Indicators and the Money Supply"
Patrick Badolato Duke University Feb. 5, 2010 "CEO Versus CFO Financial Expertise and the Issuance and Quality of Management Forecasts"
Rick Johnston The Ohio State University Feb. 12, 2010 "14-Week Quarters"
DushyantKumar Vyas University of Toronto Feb. 19, 2010 "The Timeliness of Write-Downs by U.S. Financial Institutions During the Financial Crisis of 2007-2008"
Jack Hughes* UCLA April 1, 2010  How Research Unfolds
Jack Hughes* UCLA April 2, 2010 "Leverage, Excess Leverage, and Future Returns"
Steve Huddart Penn State University April 9, 2010  "Pre-Announcement of Insiders' Trades"
 Michael Williamson UT Austin April 23, 2010  "Reward System Design and Group Creativity: An Experimental Investigation"

*BKD Speaker Series: Special two-day workshop for faculty and PhD students


Speaker School Workshop Date Paper
 Andy Leone*  University of Miami August 13, 2008  PERL Class Sessions 1 and 2 
 Andy Leone*  University of Miami August 13, 2008  PERL Class Sessions 3 and 4 
 Andy Leone*  University of Miami August 13, 2008  PERL Class Sessions 5 and 6 
 Sumantra Chakravarty Purdue University September 5, 2008 "Apparent Accrual Anomaly for ADRs: Possible Effect of Sample Selection Bias" (2nd year paper)
 Li Yao  Purdue University September 12, 2008 "Changing Value Relevance of Accounting Information When a Firm Approaches a Break of Its Quarterly Earnings String"   (2nd year paper)
 Melvin Lamboy  Purdue University September 19, 2008  "Hospital For-Profit Status and Earnings Management Incentives: A Comparison of For-Profit, Government and Privately Held, Not-For-Profit Hospitals" (2nd year paper) 
 Mauricio Melgarejo  Purdue University September 26, 2008  "Does Beating Cash Flow Benchmarks Reduce the Cost of Debt?"(2nd year paper) 
 Casey Rowe  Purdue Univeristy October 10,  2008  "Hardening and Using Special-Purpose Accounting Information"
 David Maber Harvard University October 24, 2008 "What drives sell-side analyst compensation at high-status banks?"
 Pierre Liang Carnegie Mellon University  November 14, 2008   "Endogenous Precision of Performance Measures in an Agency Setting with Limited Managerial Attention" 
 Hsin-Tsai Liu  Purdue University  November 21, 2008   "Earnings Quality and Information Transfers" 
 Steve Orpurt  Purdue University Postponed  TBA 
Michael Clement Mike Crawley  University of Texas at Austin January 16, 2009 "The Profitability of Anaysts' Stock Recommendations: What Role Does Investor Sentiment Play?"
 Ta-Wei "David" Wang  Purdue University January 23, 2009 "Does Web Disclosure Matter?"
Reining Chen The Ohio State University Feb. 6, 2009 "Reg FD and Capital Structure"
Ningzhong Li University of Chicago Feb. 13, 2009 "Negotiated Measurement Rules in Debt Contracts"
Jing Li Columbia University Feb. 20, 2009 "Accounting Conservatism and Debt Contracts: Efficient Liquidation and Covenant Renegotiation"
Foong Soon Cheong Yale University Feb. 27, 2009 "Surprising Absence of Scale For Forecast Error and Forecast Dispersion Distributions"
 Harry Evans  University of Pittsburgh  April 17, 2009  Bankruptcy, CEO Retention and the Evolution of Contractual Practices 
* BKD Speaker Series: Special three-day teach-in for faculty and PhD students

*BKD Speaker Series: Special three-day teach-in for faculty and PhD students


Speaker School Workshop Date Paper
Marc Picconi Indiana University Sept. 14, 2007 "Implications of Suboptimal Cash Holdings for Future Performance"
Haresh Sapra University of Chicago to be rescheduled  TBA
Doug Schroeder* Ohio State University Oct.18, 2007 RAWL 2058 1:00 - 2:30  "Overview of Accounting and Endogeneity"
Doug Schroeder* Ohio State University Oct.19, 2007 RAWL 1062 10:00 - 11:30  "Identification and Classical Estimation of Treatment Effects in Self-Selection Settings"
Doug Schroeder* Ohio State University Oct.19, 2007 RAWL 2070 1:30 - 3:00  "Bayesian Analysis of Self-Selection"
Theodore Sougiannis University of Illinois Nov. 2, 2007 "Accounting Estimates: Pervasive, Yet of Questionable Usefulness"
Yinghua Li Purdue University Nov. 30, 2007 "History Matters: Individual Analysts' Responses to Quarterly Guidance"
Karen Hennes Penn State University  Feb. 15, 2008 "The Reporting of Contingent Legal Liabilities"
Siqi Li USC  Feb. 22, 2008 "Does Mandatory Adoption of International Accounting Standards Reduce the Cost of Equity Capital?"
Ryan Ball UNC  Feb. 29, 2008 "Does Anticipated Information Impose a Cost on Risk-Averse Investors?"
Brian Miller Penn State University  March 21, 2008 "Data Overload and Investor Trading"
Scott Liao Ohio State University  March 28, 2008 "Dedicated Investors and Debt Financing"
Tjomme Rusticus Northwestern University April 25, 2008 "Economic Determinants of Stock Option Vesting Periods"
*BKD Speaker Series: Special two-day teach-in for faculty and PhD students

*BKD Speaker Series: Special two-day teach-in for faculty and PhD students


Speaker School Workshop Date Paper
Henock Louis Penn State University Sept. 29, 2006 "Lawsuits and the Long-Term Performance After Stock-For-Stock Mergers"
Sam Pae Purdue University Oct. 13, 2006  "The Impact of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act on Private Debt Contracting" (2nd year paper) RAWL 3070
Hsin-Tsai Liu Purdue University Oct. 20, 2006  "Does Founding Family Ownership Matter? Examinations of the Meeting Expectations Phenomenon, Myopic Investment Behavior and Earnings Management Through Real Activities" (2nd year paper)
John Dickhaut* University of Minnesota Oct. 26, 2006 Lecture 1: Growing Institutions              RAWL 2079,  9:00-10:15 a.m.      presentation slides
John Dickhaut* University of Minnesota Oct. 26, 2006 Lecture 2: Growing Institutions with Neuroeconomics and Neuroaccounting    KCTR 108, 2:30-4:00 p.m.           presentation slides
John Dickhaut** University of Minnesota Oct. 27, 2006 "A Neuronal Mechanism of Human Choice" presentation slides
Marc Picconi Indiana University Postponed  
Zhanel Mailibayeva Purdue University Nov. 10, 2006 "Do Analysts Warn Investors About Future Earnings Decreases? Evidence From Their Forecast Revisions and Changes in Recommendations Before a Break in a String of Earnings Increases"
Ramji Balakrishnan University of Iowa Feb. 2, 2007 "Capacity Utilization and Unit Variable Cost: Evidence from California Hospitals"
Jonathan Rogers University of Chicago April 6, 2007 "Shareholder Litigation and Changes in Disclosure Behavior"
K. Ramesh Michigan State University April 13, 2007 NOTE special time: 1-2:30 pm "Determinants of the Speed of Information Dissemination by Capital Market Information Intermediaries"

*John and Cheryl Coffin Lecture Series speaker, joint with the Department of Economics


Speaker School Workshop Date Paper
Joe Piotroski University of Chicago Sept. 9, 2005 "Capital Allocation and Timely Accounting Recognition of Economic Losses: International Evidence"
Mike Kirschenheiter Purdue University Sept. 23, 2005 "Entity Accounting and Dilution: The Case of Stock Options"
Sid Balachandran Columbia University Oct. 7, 2005 "Conservatism and the Value Relevance of Accounting Information"
Beverly Walther Northwestern University Oct. 14, 2005  "When Security Analysts Talk, Who Listens?"
Ozer Asdemir Purdue University Oct. 28, 2005  "Investor Sophistication and R&D Mispricing"
Carol Marquardt NYU Nov. 11, 2005  "Economic Consequences of Regulation of Financial Reporting: The Case of Contingent Convertible Securities"
Malcolm McLelland Purdue University Nov. 18, 2005  "Economic Life Cycles, Accounting Information and Equity Returns"
Ananda Ganguly Purdue University Dec. 9, 2005 "Covariance Assessments with Costly Information Collection in Audit Planning: An Experimental Study"
In Ho Suk Purdue University Jan. 11, 2006  (in KRAN 469)  "Consistency in Meeting/Beating the Market's Expectations and Discretionary Earnings Disclosure"
Dan Givoly Penn State Jan. 13, 2006 "Measuring Reporting Conservatism"
Mark Soliman Stanford University Jan. 20, 2006  "Street Earnings and Board Independence"
Michelle Liu MIT Feb. 10, 2006 "Accruals and Managerial Operating Decsions Over the Firm Life Cycle"
Brad Lindsey UNC Feb. 17, 2006 "A Value Relevance Examination of the Current Leasing Standard"
Anne Beyer Northwestern University Feb. 24, 2006 "Capital Market Prices, Management Forecasts and Earnings Management"
Carol Anilowski University of Michigan March 3, 2006 "Is All Growth Created Equal? The Predictive Value of Growth Strategy"
Carlos Corona Stanford University March 10, 2006 "Dynamic Performance Measurement with Intangible Assets"
Yong Yu Penn State March 24, 2006 "Do Investors Overreact or Underreact to Accruals? A Reexamination of the Accrual Anomaly"
Anil Arya OSU April 21, 2006 "Interacting Supply Chain Distortions: The Pricing of Internal Transfers and External Procurement"
Oliver Li Notre Dame April 28, 2006 "Capital Gains Taxes and IPO Under-Pricing"


Speaker School Workshop Date Paper
Ron Kasznik Stanford University Sept 10, 2004 "Do Firms Understate Stock-Based Compensation Expense Under SFAS 123?"
Haresh Sapra University of Chicago Sept. 17, 2004 "Marking-to-Market: Panacea or Pandora's Box?"
Mike Kirschenheiter Purdue University Oct. 1, 2004 "Earnings' Quality and Smoothing"
Joe Piotroski University of Chicago Postponed  
Yong Zhang Purdue University Nov. 5, 2004 "Underwriting Business, Trading Volume and Analyst Career Concerns"
Hyeesoo Chung Purdue University Nov. 12, 2004 "Selective Mandatory Auditor Rotation and Audit Quality: An Empirical Investigation of Auditor Designation Policy In Korea"
Ananda Ganguly Purdue University Nov. 19, 2004 "Assurer Reputation for Competence in a Multi-Service Context"
Sugata Rowchowdhury MIT Dec. 3, 2004    
Jinyoung Park Purdue University Dec. 10, 2004 "The Effect of Directors' and Officers' Liability Insurance and Indemnification on Voluntary Disclosure: Evidence from Canadian Firms" 
Jake Thomas Yale University Jan. 21, 2005 "Price Equals Forward Earnings Scaled by the Risk Free Rate: The Implications of this Remarkable Empirical Regularity"
Ben Lansford Penn State University Feb. 4, 2005 "Strategic Bundling of Good and Bad News: The Case of Voluntary Patent Disclosures and Negative Earnings Surprises"
Xue (Sue) Wang University of Chicago Feb. 11, 2005 "The Impact of Corporate Governance Reform Initiatives on Chief Financial Officer Compensation"
Ivy Xiying Zhang University of Rochester Feb. 18, 2005 "Economic Consequences of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002"
Volkan Muslu MIT Feb. 25, 2005 "Effect of Board Independence on Incentive Compensation and Compensation Disclosure: Evidence From Europe"
Ted Goodman Wharton, University of Pennsylvania March 25, 2005 "How Do Contracts Adapt to an Increase in Free Cash Flow?"
 Joel Demski University of Florida Postponed  
 Hong Xie University of Illinois April 22, 2005  "Market Mispricing of Special Items and Accruals: One Anomaly or Two?"
 Jon Glover Carnegie Mellon University and the SEC April 29, 2005  "Verifiability, Manipulability, and Information Asymmetries about Verifiability and Manipulability"
 In-Ho Suk Purdue University May 6, 2005 "Persistence in Meeting/Beating Earnings Thresholds and Strategic Earnings Reporting Policy"


Speaker School Workshop Date Paper
Ramji Balakrishnan University of Iowa September 19, 2003 "Spending Patterns with Lapsing Budgets: Evidence from U.S. Army Hospitals"
Dhinu Srinivasan University of Pittsburgh and Purdue University (visiting) October 10, 2003 "An Empirical Examination of the Impact of Termination of a Performance-Based Incentive Plan"
Somnath Das University of Illinois at Chicago October 24, 2003  "The Predictive Ability of Comprehensive Income Disclosures Under SFAS No. 130"
Haresh Sapra University of Chicago November 21, 2003 "Do Derivative Disclosures Impede Sound Risk Management?"
Byungjin Kwak Purdue University December 5, 2003 POSTPONED
Reed Smith IUPUI December 12, 2003  "The Role of Auditing in Investor Protection"
Raghu Venugopalan University of Chicago January 16, 2004 "Two Dimensional Private Information: Consequences of Greater Transparency"
Michael Kimbrough Harvard University January 23, 2004  RESCHEDULED for May 7, 2004
Yanfeng Xue MIT February 13, 2004 "Information Content of Earnings Management: Evidence From Managing Earnings to Exceed Thresholds"
Feng Li University of Chicago February 20, 2004
Lin Nan University of Florida February 27, 2004  "Derivatives and Earnings Management"
Lei (Tony) Chen UT Dallas March 5, 2004  "Value Congruence and the Use of Performance Measures in Executive Compensation"
Tong Lu University of Minnesota March 12, 2004
Gil S. Bae Korea University April 23, 2004  "Do Firms Take the Window of Opportunity and/or Manage Earnings When They Move the Trading Locale of Their Stocks?"
Beverly Walther Northwestern University April 30, 2004   To Be Rescheduled
Michael Kimbrough Harvard University May 7, 2004   "Voluntary Disclosure to Alleviate Information Asymmetry Surrounding Merger Announcements: An Examination of Conference Calls"
Ron Kasznik Stanford University  RESCHEDULED for Sept. 10, 2004


Speaker School Workshop Date Paper
Martin Wu University of Illinois September 20, 2002 "Racing to Monopoly: Competition Crossover & Economies of Scope Between Audit and Non-Audit Services" 
Uday Chandra   University of Kentucky October 25, 2002 "Income Asymmetric Timeliness in the U.S. Technology Sector"
Ram Ramanan University of Notre Dame November 1, 2002 "Discretionary Disclosures Over Time"  
Cathy Shakespeare University of Michigan January 24, 2003 "Differential Biases in the Bond Ratings of Established vs. Entrant Credit Rating Agencies"
S. Sridharan Northwestern University January 31, 2003 "Reliability-Relevance Trade-offs and the Efficiency of Aggregation"
Michael Smith Duke University February 14, 2003 "Accruals, Returns and Earnings"
Dana Y. Hollie Washington University February 28, 2003 "An Empirical Investigation of SFAS No. 131 and its Effects on the Predictability of Future Cash Flows"
Xia Chen University of Chicago March 7, 2003 "Ability, Conflicts of Interest, and the Profitability of Stock Recommendations for IPOs"
Mike Kirschenheiter Columbia University March 14, 2003 "Interactive Discretionary Disclosures with Risk Averse Investors"
Steve Hillegeist Northwestern University May 2, 2003 "Voluntary Disclosure Frequency and Information Asymmetry"

The Accounting Area wishes to express its appreciation to BKD for supporting the area's research mission and for sponsoring this workshop series.