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Economics Research Workshops Schedule -Fall 2008

   Anne Beeson Royalty, IUPUI
Sept. 25

Title: “Peer Appraisals”

   Manish Gupte, Krannert Ph.D. Student
  Workshop: Micro   (Rawls 2079)
Sept. 26

Title: “Economic Theory and the Global Environment”

   Graciela Chichilnisky, Columbia University
  Workshop: Macro   (Rawls 2079)
Dec. 1
Title:  "Communication and Learning"
  Dino Gerardi, Yale University
  Workshop:  Micro  (Rawls 2079)
Dec. 10

Title:  “The Non-MFN Effects of U.S. MFN Specific Tariffs”

  Sohini Chowdhury.
  Workshop:  Micro   (Rawls 2079)
  Workshop:  Macro (Rawls 2079)
Dec. 16
Title: "European Antitrust Policy 1957-2002:  An Analysis of Court of Appeal Rulings in the EU"
  Andrea Gunster, Purdue Visitor