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Economics Research Workshops Schedule -Fall 2009

Oct. 21
Title:  "Extremism Drives Out Moderation"
  Bettina Klose, Krannert Ph.D. Student
  Workshop:  Micro  (Rawls 2077)
   Dan Black, University of Chicago
Dec. 4


   Leslie Papke, Michigan State University
  Workshop: Micro   (Rawls 2077)
Dec. 7
Title:  "The Informational Role of Prices and Essentiality of Money in the Lagos-Wright Model"
  Daniella Puzzello, Krannert Ph.D. Student
  Workshop:  Macro
Dec. 9
Title:  TBA
  Misak Avetisyan, Krannert Ph.D. Student
  Workshop:  Macro  (Rawls (2077)
Dec. 11

Title: Product Recalls, Imperfect Information, and Spillover Effects: Lessons from the consumer Response to the 2007 Toy Recalls

  Melissa Kearney, University of Maryland
  Workshop: Micro   (Rawls 2077)