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Economics Seminar Schedule -Fall 2013

Oct. 23   Presenter:  David Albouy, Univ. of Illinois
    "Urban Populations and Amenities"
Oct. 25     Kirk Doran, Notre Dame
    "Cognitive Mobility: Labor Market Responses to Supply Shocks in the Space of Ideas"
 Nov. 1   Presenter:  David Figlio, Northwestern University
  Title:  The Consequences of Early Intervention for Autism Spectrum Disorders"
 Nov. 4   Presenter: Marzena Rostek, Wisconsin 
    Paper Title:  "Decentralized Exchange"
 Nov. 7   Presenter:  Leonardo Melosi, Chicago Fed
    Paper Title:  "Modeling the Evolution of Expectations and Uncertainty in General Equilibrium"
 Nov. 15   Jin Li, Northwestern Univ.
    "Managing Careers in Organizations"
 Nov. 18   Maros Servatka, Univ. of Canterbury
  Status Quo Effects in Fairness Games: Reciprocal Responses to Acts of Commission vs. Acts of Omission"