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Economics Research Workshops Schedule -Spring 2009

   Juan Carlos Escanciano, Indiana University
April 8

Title: “Very Persistent Current Account Dynamics”

   Nelson Mark, Univ. of Notre Dame
  Workshop: Micro   (Rawls 2077)
April 9
Title: "Identity-dependent Externalities in All-Pay Auctions"
  Bettina Klose, Krannert Ph.D. Student
  Workshop:  Theory  (Rawls 2077)
April 10

Title: “Likelihood Ratio based Joint Test for the Exogeneity and the Relevance of Instrumental Variables”

   Yoonseok Lee, Univ. of Michigan
  Workshop: Micro   (Rawls 2077)
April 13
Title:  “An Experimental Study of Trust and Reputation with Differently-Valued Goods”
  Anya Savikhin, Krannert Ph.D. Student
  Workshop:  Micro  (Rawls 2077)
April 28
Title:  "Is Local More Environmentally Friendly?  The GHG Emissions Impacts of Consuming Imported vs. Domestically Produced Food"
  Misak Avetisyan, Krannert Ph..D. student
  Workshop:  Theory (Rawls 2077)
April 29
Title:  "Role of Geography in Quality Production"
  Arnab Nayak, Krannert Ph.D. Student
  Workshop:  Micro  (Rawls 2077)