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Economics Seminar Schedule - Spring 2015

Seminars are scheduled from 11:45-1:15 p.m. in RAWLS 2058 unless otherwise indicated
April 3   Kerem Cosar, Chicago Booth
    "Taste Heterogeneity, Trade Costs, and Global Market Outcomes
    in the Automobile Industry"
April 8   Pedro Dal Bo, Brown University
April 9   Pedro Gomis Porqueras, Deakin University
    Title:  "Regulating Over the Counter Financial Markets:  Implications for the Central Bank's Dual Mandate""
April 15   Emanuel Vespa, Univ. of California-Santa Barbara
    "Estimating Dynamic Games of Oligopolistic Competition:  An Experimental Investigation"
April 17   James Markusen, Univ. of Colorado-Boulder
    "An Alternative Base Case for Modeling Trade and the Environment"
April 21    Guillaume Rocheteau, Univ. of California - Irvine
   "A Tractable Model of Monetary Exchange with Ex-Post Heterogeneity"
April 24    Doug Irwin, Dartmouth College
   "Tariff Incidence:  Evidence from U.S. Sugar Duties, 1890-1930"
April 27    Stephen Williamson, Fed. Reserve Bank of St. Louis
   "Scarcity of Safe Assets, Inflation, nad the Policy Trap"