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Economics Seminar Schedule - Fall 2020

Seminars are scheduled from 11:45-1:15 p.m. in RAWLS 2058 unless otherwise indicated. 

Climate Contagion: Temperature and Growth in Spatial General Equilibrium​
September 1 Karen Kopecky, Atlanta 
 How Important is Health Inequality for Lifetime Earnings Inequality
September 11 Pol Antras, Harvard
Globalization and Pandemics
September 23 Emma Tominey, York UK
Mothers working during preschool years and child skills.
Does income compensate?
September 24 Dirk Engelman, Humboldt University, Berlin
Decomposing Trust
September 29 Ralph Ossa, Zurich University
Are Trade Agreements Good for You? 
September 30 Jeanne Lafortune, Universidad Catolica, Chile
Electrifying? How New Technologies Impact Productivity and Jobs
October 1 Anna Dreber, Stockholm School of Economics
Replications and Predicting Replication Outcomes
October 6 Xavier Jaravel, London School of Economics
What are the price effects of trade? Evidence from the U.S. and implications for quantitative trade models
October 7 Randi Hjalmarsson, University of Gothenburg, Sweden
The impact of the first professional police forces on Crime
October 12 Gianmarco Ottaviano, Bocconi University
Comparative Advantage, Competition, and Firm Heterogeneity
October 13 Sam Antil, Harvard Business School
Are Bankruptcy professional fees excessively high?
October 15 Mouli Modak, 5th year PhD student
Multiple Contact in the Presence of Asymmetric and Symmetric Prisoner’s Dilemma
October 19 Arman Sabbaghi, PhD student
Collaborative Design for Improved Casual Machine Learning on Big Observational Data
October 20 Gary Lyn, Iowa State
Climate Contagion: Temperature and Growth in Spatial General Equilibrium
October 21 Richard Mansfield, UC boulder
How Do Changes in U.S. Trade Engagement Affect the Demographic and Spatial Distribution of Employment and Earnings? Exploring New Pathways Using an Equilibrium Matching Approach
October 22 William Brown, 5th year PhD Student
The Effect of Complexity in an Electorate: Experimental Evidence
October 27 Eduardo Morales, Princeton
Firm Export Dynamics in Interdependent Markets
October 30 Daniel Woods, 6th year PHD Student
Using QRE Simulations for Improving Ex-ante Power Analysis and Experimental Design
November 4 Sandra McNally, Surry and LSE
Closing the Gap Between Vocational and General Education? Evidence from University Technical Colleges in England
November 5 Junya Zhou, 4th year PhD Student
Costly Verification and Commitment in Communication: Theory and Experiment
November 6 Daniel Sgroi, University of Warwick
Self-awareness & Dishonesty
November 10 Swati Dhingra, LSE
Trade and Worker Deskilling
November 11 Sarit Weisburd, Tel Aviv University
Police response time and injury outcomes
November 12 Ori Heffetz, Cornell University
Behavior-Predictive Beliefs are Inconsistent with Information-Based Beliefs: Evidence from COVID-19Behavior-Predictive Beliefs are Inconsistent with Information-Based Beliefs: Evidence from COVID-19
November 13 Munseob Lee, UC San Diego
Measuring the Cost of Living in Mexico and the US
November 16 Abigail Banan, 4th year PhD Student
The Impact of Vape Bans on Tobacco Usage
November 17 Amrita Sanyal, 3rd year PhD student
Impact of Teacher-Student Gender-Matching on Girls’ STEM
November 18 Jeff Prince, Indiana University
The Role of International Travel in Explaining Geographic Heterogeneity for the Spread of Covid-19
November 20 Kelly Bishop, Arizona State
Hazed and Confused: The Effect of Air Pollution on Dementia
December 2 Indulekha Guha, 4th year PhD Student
The Impact of Electoral Politics on the Incidence of Hate Crimes
December 3 Marie Claire Villeval, National; Center for Scientific Research
Homophily, peer effects and honesty
December 10 Vessela Daskalova, University College Dublin
Discrimination in Collective Decisions