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Admissions to MS in Economics Program


Cary Quadrangle

New classes are enrolled each January and August. Students must complete an application as well as provide transcripts by December 1 for January start and July 15 for August start to be considered for admission. International students also must provide evidence of English proficiency. Prior coursework in economics is not required. To begin the process, follow the instructions below:

Admission to Purdue's Graduate School

Go to Purdue University's Graduate School Application and click on the "create account" button. Note that once an account is created, you can return to this application site and log in using your chosen user name and password. Next, click on "Start New Application." A menu will then appear on the left providing a list of the various sections of the application to complete. As noted below, some sections are not required for review of your application.

Campus and Program 

Indicate your current status as it pertains to Purdue (if applicable, report your 10-digit Purdue Univ. ID). Select "West Lafayette (Main Campus)" as your campus and "Economics" for your graduate major.

Program Details 

Select "Master of Science (MS)" for your degree objective and "Distance" as your primary course delivery method. Additionally, select "Spring 2020" or "Fall 2020" for entry term and year.

Personal Background

Emergency Contact  (optional)


Educational Background 

Transcripts are not required for Purdue undergraduate students applying for the combined BS/MS degree. Submission of official transcripts and/or academic records of all previous universities and colleges attended will be required if you are recommended for admission. If transcripts are not in English, an official English translation, certified by the college or university, must be provided along with an official transcript in the native language.

Send Official Transcripts to:
Office of Graduate Admissions
Purdue University Graduate School
155 South Grant Street, YONG 170
West Lafayette, IN 47907

Additional Information (optional)

Employment (optional)

Statement of Purpose (upload)

Test Scores  

Economics MS program applicants are not required to provide a GRE score for admission to the program. The test of English as a foreign language ("TOEFL") or equivalent evidence of fluency in English such as an undergraduate degree at an institution that teaches in English is expected from applicants who plan to study in-residence and whose native language is not English. Official score reports should be sent from the Educational Testing Services (ETS) to Purdue University.

Video Essay (KIRA)

In the process of completing the Krannert School of Management graduate application, you will respond to 3 to 5 video essay questions. The questions vary for each program and are developed to assess core competencies that align with your specific program. The video essays are used by the Admissions Committee to identify business school competencies that we believe are key to building a diverse and strong cohort. You will be asked questions that will give us insight into your position on the following topics:

  • Motivation
  • Adaptability
  • Engagement
  • Leadership Potential
  • Communication
  • Self-Awareness

Just as many other business schools, we find these are some of the key skills that highly qualified candidates share. Additionally, we feel we get to know each candidate a little better as a result of the essays, and gain insight that simply cannot be viewed on a written application.

Please talk to your recruiter prior to submitting your essays if you would like some guidance on how to best prepare.

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Diversity Essay (optional)

Resume (upload)

Recommendations (2) (optional for combined BS/MS degree applicants)



**Please Note: After submitting your application, you must also complete the required online (KIRA) Video Essay. Your application will not be reviewed without the Video Essay.

Information Concerning GRE/GMAT Tests (Optional)

Applicants are advised to take the test no later than March 1 before the August admissions date. The GMAT score can be used in place of a GRE score.The GRE/GMAT Information can be obtained by clicking on this GRE link, this GMAT link, or by writing or calling:

Graduate Record Examinations
Educational Testing Service
P.O. Box 6000
Princeton, New Jersey 08541-6000  U.S.A.
Telephone: (866) 473-4373
FAX: (609) 771-7906

Graduate Management Admission Test
Educational Testing Service
P.O. Box 6103
Princeton, New Jersey 08541-6103 U.S.A.
Telephone: 1-800-GMAT-NOW (1-800-462-8669)
FAX: (609) 883-4349

When registering for the GRE test, please use the following codes to ensure that your official test is received by the admissions office:
Institution Code for Purdue University: 1631
Department Codes for Purdue University: Economics 1801 or 4301

Information Concerning the TOEFL (applicants who plan to study in-residence and whose native language is not English)

Test of English as a Foreign Language
Educational Testing Service
P.O. Box 6154
Princeton, New Jersey 08541-6154
Telephone: (609) 771-7100
FAX: (609) 771-7500

When registering for the TOEFL test, please use the following codes to ensure that your official test is received by the admissions office:
Institution Code for Purdue University: 1631
Department Codes for Purdue University: Economics 02 or 84

Program Costs:

The current online program cost (tuition and fees) is $1,075 per credit hour. For Indiana residents, the cost is $967.50 per credit hour. Highly qualified students will be considered for partial tuition scholarships. The MS degree requires satisfactory completion of 30 credit hours in total. Once enrolled, the program cost per credit hour (tuition and fees) typically remains unchanged over the course of the program. However, each year the Purdue board of trustees authorizes an updated rate for newly entering students, who should check with the admissions office for the program costs applicable for their entering class. 

Contact Information:

MS in Economics Admissions 
Krannert School of Management 
Purdue University 
Rawls Hall, Suite 2021 
100 S. Grant Street 
West Lafayette, IN 47907-2076 
Telephone: (765) 494-0773 

*All fees are subject to increase based on approval by the Purdue University Trustees