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Faculty Area Interests

Faculty Research Interests Area Associated Faculty
Antitrust/Competition Policy and Regulation

Cason, Martin, Mazur, Siebert 

Applied Microeconomics

Barron, Carr, Cason, Crucini, Gill, Hummels, Martin, Mazur, Moore, Mumford, Prowse, Roberson, Rosokha, Siebert, Sarzosa, Soderbery, Umbeck, Van Kammen, Vargas, Xiang 

Computational Economics

Crucini, Gallen, Mumford, Rosokha, Tobias 

Econometrics Bao, Chan, Crucini, Kejriwal, Mumford, Siebert, Soderbery, Tobias
Economic Development & Growth Crucini, Hummels
Economic History Crucini

Environmental and Resource Economics

Cason, Farrokhi

Experimental Economics

Calford, Cason, Gill, Prowse, Raymond, Rosokha, Siebert, Sullivan, Zhang

Financial Economics Bao, Crucini
Game Theory & Applications

Calford, Cason, Mazur, Novshek, Raymond, Roberson, Siebert

Industrial Organization

Barron, Cason, Farrokhi, Gill, Martin, Mazur, Siebert, Soderbery, Umbeck, Xiang 

International Economics Crucini, Farrokhi, Hertel* (Ag. Econ.), Hong, Hummels, Kejriwal, Soderbery, Xiang, Zhang
Labor Economics

Barron, Bond, Carr, Gallen, Gill, Kim, Moore, Mumford, Prowse, Sarzosa, Sullivan, Tobias, Van Kammen, Vargas 

Law and Economics Umbeck
Macro/Monetary Economics

Bao, Barron, Crucini, Gallen, Hong, Kejriwal, Kim, Zhang, 

Mathematical Economics

Raymond, Roberson

Public Economics & Policy

Bond, Carr, Cason, Crucini, Gallen, Gill, Kim, Moore, Mumford, Prowse, Sullivan, Vargas 

Uncertainty and Information Barron, Cason, 
*These faculty members have a courtesy appointment with the Economics department.