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Recent Articles in Finance Journals


This is a list of papers that were published since 2012 or are forthcoming in one of the top four academic finance journals (as used by the Arizona State University - Finance Rankings, which spans the 1990-2012 period):

  • Policy Uncertainty and Corporate Investment; Review of Financial Studies (forthcoming); Mihai Ion, Huseyin Gulen.
  • No-Arbitrage Restriction and Hedge Fund Performance Evaluation; Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis (forthcoming); Hiatao Li, Yuewu Xu, Xiaoyan Zhang.
  • Government Ownership and the Cost of Debt: Evidence from Government Investments in Publicly Traded Firms; Journal of Financial Economics (forthcoming); Ginka Borisova, Veljko Fotak, Kateryna Holland , William Megginson
  • Taxes and capital structure; Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis (2015); Mara Faccio, Jin Xu.
  • Do acquisitions relieve target firms' financial constraints?; Journal of Finance (2015); Isil Erel, Yeejin Jang, Michael Weisbach.
  • Prior Client Performance and the Choice of Investment Bank Advisors in Corporate Acquisitions; Review of Financial Studies (2014); John McConnell, Val Sibilkov.
  • Sovereign default, domestic banks, and financial institutions; Journal of Finance (2014); Nicola Gennaioli, Alberto Marin, Stefano Rossi.
  • Profitability and capital structure: Evidence from import penetration; Journal of Financial Economics (2012); Jin Xu.
  • The role of the media in corporate governance: Do the media influence managers' capital allocation decisions?; Journal of Financial Economics (2013); Baixiao Liu, John McConnell.
  • Strategic alliances, venture capital, and exit decisions in early stage high-tech firms; Journal of Financial Economics (2013)Umit Ozmel, David Robinson, Toby Stuart.
  • Style investing, comovement, and return predictability; Journal of Financial Economics (2013); Deniz Yavuz, Sunil Wahal.
  • Does idiosyncratic volatility proxy for risk exposure?; Review of Financial Studies (2012); Zhanhui Chen, Ralitsa Petkova.
  • Wisdom of crowds: The value of stock opinions transmitted through social media; Review of Financial Studies (2014); Hailiang Chen, Prabuddha De, Yu Hu, Byoung-Hyoun Hwang.
  • Contractual resolutions of financial distress; Review of Financial Studies (2012); Nicola Gennaioli, Stefano Rossi.
  • Specialization, productivity, and financing constraints; Review of Financial Studies (2013); Robert Marquez, Deniz Yavuz.
  • Investor networks in the stock market; Review of Financial Studies (2014); Han Ozsoylev, Johan Walden, Deniz Yavuz, Recep Bildik.
  • Shackling short sellers: The 2008 shorting ban; Review of Financial Studies (2013); Ekkehart Boehmer; Charles Jones, Xiaoyan Zhang.
  • Clean Sweep: Informed Trading through Intermarket Sweep Orders; Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis (2012)Sugato Chakravarty, Pankaj Jain, James Upson, Robert Wood.
  • Aggregate idiosyncratic volatility; Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis (2012); Geert Bekaert, Robert Hodrick, Xiaoyan Zhang.

In addition to the above mentioned papers, the finance group has multiple papers in advanced stages at top finance, economics, and accounting journals.