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Purdue University is taking steps to ensure the health and safety of our community. Virtually all Purdue classes that begin in the months of May, June or July will be delivered by remote instruction. Events are also being restricted or suspended through July 31st. For the latest information and guidance on Purdue’s response to COVID-19 please visit:
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Workshop Schedule 2019-2020

Fall 2019

  • Sep 6, Paolo Fulghieri (University of North Carolina), 10:30am-noon, RAWL 3082

  • Sep 20, Snehal Banerjee (University of California, San Diego), 10:30am-noon, RAWL 3082

  • Sep 27, Charles Trzcinka (Indiana University), 10:30am-noon, RAWL 3082

  • Oct 11, Shane Johnson (Texas A&M University), 10:30am-noon, RAWL 4054

  • Oct 25, David Hummels (Purdue University), 10:30am-noon, RAWL 3082

  • Nov 1, Hao Jiang (Michigan State University), 10:30am-noon, RAWL 3082

  • Nov 8, Sunil Wahal (Arizona State University), 10:30am-noon, RAWL 3082 

Spring 2020

  • Apr 17, Shai Bernstein (Stanford University), 10:30am-noon, TBA

  • Apr 24, Vincenzo Quadrini (University of Southern California), 10:30am-noon, TBA

  • May 1, Brian Melzer (Dartmouth College), 10:30am-noon, TBA