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MIS Research Workshop: Fall 2008

9/12 Vidyanand Choudhary
Assistant Professor
University of California, Irvine

The Role of Intensity of Industry Competition and Uncertainty in IT investment, Risk and Return (Hard copy is available near the offices KRAN 459-464)

10/03 Aditi Mukerjee
MIS Docotral Student
Purdue University

A Simulation Based Exploration into the Effectiveness of IT-Enabled Knowledge Management Initiatives.

10/24 Ta-wei "David" Wang
MIS Docotral Student
Purdue University

Essays on Information Security on from an Economic Perspective: Information Security Disclosures, Investors' Perceptions on Security Incidents, and Two-factor Authentication Systems (RAWLS 2077)
Click here

11/7 Roy Dejoie
Continuous Term Lecturer
Purdue University

Teaching Roundtable PPT file here

11/14 Wenqi Shen
MIS Doctoral Student
Purdue University

Essays on Online Reviews: The Relationships between Reviewers, Reviews and Product Sales and the Temporal patterns of Online Reviews Click here

11/21 Barrie Nault
(MIS Distinguished Speaker)
Robson Professor of Management
University of Calgary

On the relationship of Information Technology with Other Inputs Click here. (Location: KCTR 108)

12/1 Chen Zhang
Ph.D. candidate at Purdue University

Assistant Professor
University of Memphis

A Network Perspective on Open Source Software Development: Team Formation and Community Participation (KCTR 201)Click here

12/5 Keumseok Kang and Juhee Kwon
MIS Doctoral students
Purdue University and

Kang: E-coupons Strategy Problems in Location Based Advertisement

Kwon:The Effect of Firms' Privacy Practices on Consumer Satisfaction  

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