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Selected recent job placements

Here are a few of the starting careers of our marketing alumni.

Air Products

Kristina Karl (MBA '13)

Commercial Development Program

Julio Freire (MBA '14)

Business Analyst


Ankur Bhatia (MBA '14)

Senior Consultant

Marielisa Rodriguez (MBA '14)

Assistant Brand Manager

Lijun Wang (MBA '13)

Brand Marketing Manager

Ketan Pandit (MBA '14)

Commercial Marketing Manager

Eduardo Nunez (MBA '14)

Account Manager

Ogochi Nedosa (MBA '14)

Senior Consultant

Ted Daniels (MBA '13)

Marketing Programs Manager

Helen Garst (MBA '13)

Product Manager

Charles G. Berrouet (MBA '13)

Market Segment Leader

Javier Aguirre (MBA '13)

Marketing & Communications Manager

Abhishek Kesarwani (MBA '13)

International Management Development Program

Chu Chimezie (MBA '13)

Materials Control Specialist and Business Team Leader

Amy Reed (MBA '14)

Assistant Brand Manager

Yi Lu (MBA '14)

Business Development Executive

Julio Tay (MBA '14)

Business Development Manager

Sylvester Peoples (MBA '14)

Global Merchandising Manager

Brittany Body (MBA '13)

Consumer & Marketing Knowledge

Diane Gonzalez (MBA '13)

Consumer & Marketing Knowledge

Raghuram Koka (MBA '14)

Strategy Manager