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Krannert's PhD Program in Marketing

Welcome to the Krannert's PhD Program in Marketing!

The marketing area at Krannert has a long tradition of leadership in doctoral education. The school’s marketing PhD graduates are among the nation's best in terms of the impact of their research on the profession, according to a study by Academic Assessment Services. The Purdue graduates were one of only five sets of alumni to be ranked in the top 15 on each of five separate measures of influence. The five measures and Purdue's ranking were: No. 13 in number of graduates, No. 10 in total citations in other academic journals, No. 12 in average citations, No. 12 in median citations and No. 9 in adjusted median citations.

Our marketing PhD graduates hold named/chaired professor positions in academia including including Dominique Hanssens (UCLA), Abel Jeuland (University of Chicago), Kirthi Kalyanam (Santa Clara University), Donald Lehmann (Columbia University), Das Narayandas (Harvard Business School), and Dave Reibstein (The Wharton School).

Recent Publications and Working Papers

Recent Publications (2017 and forthcoming papers)

Hsin-Chen Lin and Manohar Kalwani (June 2018), “Culturally Contingent Electronic Word-of-Mouth Signaling and Screening: A Comparative Study of Product Reviews in the United States and Japan,” Journal of International Marketing, Vol. 26, No. 2, pp. 80-102.

H. Liu, Qiang Liu, and P. Chintagunta (2017), “Promotion Spillovers: Drug Detailing in Combination Therapy,” Marketing Science, 36(3), 382-401.

B. Pareek, Qiang Liu, and P. Ghosh, “Ask Your Doctor if This Product is Right for You: A Bayesian Joint Model for Patient Drug Requests and Physician Prescriptions,” Journal of the Royal Statistical Society Series A, forthcoming.

Federico Rossi (2017), “Lower Price or Higher Reward? Measuring The Effect of Consumers’ Preferences on Reward Programs,” Management Science, forthcoming

Federico Rossi and Pradeep Chintagunta (2018), “Price Uncertainty and Market Power in Retail Gasoline: The Case of an Italian Highway,” Marketing Science, forthcoming.

Romana Khan, Ting Zhu and Sanjay Dhar (2018), “The Effect of WIC Program on Consumption Patterns of Cereal Category,” Quantitative Marketing and Economics, 16 (1), 79-109.

Chakravarthi Narasimhan, Purushottam Papatla, Baojun Jiang, Praveen K. Kopalle, Paul R. Messinger, Sridhar Moorthy, Davide Proserpio, Upender Subramanian, Chunhua Wu and Ting Zhu (2018), “Sharing Economy: Review of Current Research and Future Directions,” Customer Needs and Solutions, 5(1-2), 93-106.

Miremad Soleymanian, Charles Weinberg and Ting Zhu “Sensor Data and Behavioral Tracking: Does Usage Based Auto Insurance Benefit Drivers?” Accepted for publication in Marketing Science.

Working Papers

Guofang Huang, Hong Luo, and Jing Xia (2017), “Invest in Information or Wing It? A Model of Dynamic Pricing with Seller Learning.”

Guofang Huang, Yingyao Hu, and Yuya Sasaki (2017), “Estimating Production Functions with Robustness against Errors in the Proxy Variables.”

Guofang Huang and Haiyan Liu (2017), “Expectation-Based Reference-Dependent Preferences: Evidence from the Used-Car Retail Market.”

Guofang Huang, Matt Shum, and Wei Tan (2017), “Is Advertising Informative? Evidence from Contraindicated Drug Prescriptions.”

Guofang Huang (2017), “Selling-Mechanism Design for Peer-to-Peer Online Lending Platforms: Posted Price vs. Multiunit Uniform-price Open Auctions.”

Guofang Huang (2017), “When to Haggle, When to Hold Firm? Lessons from Used Car Retail Market.”

Qiang Liu, Hongju Liu, and Manohar Kalwani (2017), “‘See Your Doctor’: The Impact of Direct-to-Consumer Advertising on Patients with Different Affliction Levels.”

Qiang Liu, H. Yoon, and H. Liu (2017), “Comparative Marketing Communication: The Case of Drug Detailing.”

S. Shin, P. Nelson, Qiang Liu, and S. Shin (2017), “Benefit Segmentation of Physicians.”

S. Shin, Chet Reeder, W. Zhang, and Qiang Liu (2017), “Countering Negative Publicity: Micro-evidence from Prescription Patterns of Anti-cholesterol Drugs.”

Wreetabrata Kar and James Chester Reeder, III, “The Impact of Sales Agent Replacement and Relationship Duration on Detailing Effectiveness," under review at Journal of Marketing.

Federico Rossi and Gaia Rubera (2018), “Measuring Competition for Attention in Social Media: NWSL Players on Twitter.”

Chunhua Wu, Yanwen Wang, and Ting Zhu, “Technology Adoption, Digital Inequality and Worker Productivity: The Case of Mobile Hailing Apps.”

Jian Ni, Qiaowei Shen and Ting Zhu, “Upselling versus Upsetting Customers? A Model of Intrinsic and Extrinsic Incentives."

Pranav Jindal, Ting Zhu, Pradeep Chintagunta, and Sanjay Dhar, “Point-of-Sale Marketing Mix and Brand Performance - The Moderating Role of Retail Format and Brand Type.”