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Experiential Learning Projects

In this course, students apply marketing skills as they work directly with outside clients and participate in real-world marketing projects. Projects are varied and may involve marketing plan development, market research, new market and product development, brand management, and global social entrepreneurship. Clients include local start-ups and non-profit organizations, entrepreneurs working with Purdue’s Foundry and Discovery Park, and independent artisans, entrepreneurs and business owners in developing areas of the world. Students are given flexibility in selecting projects of interest. Teams meet regularly and on their own schedule to clarify project requirements, produce marketing materials, and present marketing deliverables to clients. Teams work under the direction of a faculty member.

Course Syllabus

Past Projects

Fulton City - Situation Analysis

The Fulton City project is a continuing effort to revitalize the struggling economy of a small, rural Indiana community. Marketing students have engaged in a variety of important marketing research and business planning activities. The initial project was a situation analysis conducted by a team of eight undergraduate students throughout Fall Semester 2016. These students conducted a comprehensive 5C analysis of the local environment, studying companies, customers, collaborators, competition and context. The students traveled to Fulton City to visit with officials, conduct exploratory interviews and focus groups. Preliminary findings were used as the basis for a more general survey of city residents. Information from the situation analysis was then analyzed, summarized and reported along with proposals for economic development and growth.

Fulton City - Bakery Marketing Plan

A follow-up project is being conducted Spring Semester 2017. Drawing from the research, findings and recommendations of the Fall Semester 2016 project team, students are working with city leaders and residents to develop marketing/business plans new businesses, beginning with a local bakery. Students are studying local and extended markets to identify target markets and determine market size, customer need and revenue potential. This information will be used to verify that a market does indeed exist and to construct a marketing and positioning strategy for a new business.