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OBHR PhD Program Requirements

All OBHR PhD students are required to:
  • Complete a minimum of 48 credits of appropriate graduate coursework.

  • Complete and present to the OBHR area a 606 research project by the Fall of the 2nd year of the program.

  • Pass preliminary examination the summer after the 2nd year in the program.

  • Develop effective teaching skills through serving as a teaching assistant and course instructor.

  • Competently contribute to research projects that lead to papers being submitted for presentation at national conferences and for publication in academic journals.

  • Submit and defend a dissertation proposal.

  • Complete and defend a dissertation.

Coursework Requirements

1. Managerial Skills (Take any 2 below; waived for MBA graduates) 

  • MGMT 600 Accounting for Managers (3 credits)

  • MGMT 610 Financial Management (3 credits)

  • MGMT 620 Marketing Management (3 credits)

  • MGMT 650 Strategic Management I (3 credits)

  • MGMT 660 Introduction To Operations Management (3 credits)

  • OBHR 681 Managing Behavior in Organizations or OBHR 631 Human Resource Systems (2 credits)

2. Research Methods (18 credits)

  • OBHR 605 Research Methods I (3 credits)

  • Students choose with the help of their advisor 12 credits of graduate methods and statistics from a slate of courses such as Research Methods I in Psychology, Introduction to Statistics, ANOVA and Experimental Design, Regression Analysis, Multivariate Statistics, Multi-Level Analyses, Structural Equation Modeling, and Psychometric Theory.

3. OBHR Major Coursework (16 credits)

  • OB survey (2 cr)

  • HR survey (2 cr)

  • Advanced topics in OBHR courses  (2cr as offered)

  • Independent study (variable hours)

  • Research practicum (606 project; 2cr)

4.  Elective Coursework (6 credits)

Students choose elective courses in consultation with their advisor and/or PhD Coordinator.  Courses in I/O Psychology or the same academic discipline are recommended. 

TOTAL (not counting dissertation credits)  48-49 credits