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MGMT 560

This course examines what is perhaps the most critical element in managing the supply chain for manufactured products: managing the supply chain that is inside the manufacturing plant, its direct links to suppliers and its indirect links to customers.

Specifically, this course examines a Advanced Planning Systems (APS) for manufacturing companies, with a focus on the three most commonly implemented systems: MRP (material requirements planning), JIT/Lean (just-in-time), and DBR (Drum-Buffer-Rope), also known as constraint-based planning.

The course focuses on both the theory and practice of managing manufacturing. The course delivery system includes readings, case studies, and computer exercises. In addition recent offerings have included:

  • In-class presentations by high-level managers from Dell Computer, Herman Miller (office furniture) Allison Transmission, Intel, Sanford (office supplies), and Delphi Electronics.
  • Student team evaluations of various companies manufacturing strategy and the capability of its manufacturing planning and central systems to support this strategy.
  • A Student-Team Project to Design and implement a multi-product JIT system.

Job Titles that Involve Topics Studied:

  • Manufacturing/Production Manager
  • Master Scheduler
  • Materials Manager
  • Supply-Chain Manager