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This course focuses on concepts and realities that have to be considered as companies choose the appropriate approach to incorporate ecommerce into a company's supply chain. The echannel should be viewed as one of a possible set of possible channels used by a firm that enables alternate structures of the supply chain and thus presents supply chain challenges that include dealing with the needs for flexibility, agility, channel management, using procurement auctions, managing shared capacity, aligning incentives, managing information visibility, etc. We will examine each of these concepts as well as their application to industries as diverse as automobiles, transportation, grocery, apparel and manufacturing. This course will use lectures and examples, cases, guest speakers via videoconference, hands on games and group projects as pedagogical tools.


  • Course Packet
  • Class Notes that will be posted in catalyst
  • Website links to get additional material

Job Titles that Involve Topics Studied:

  • Supply Chain Manager
  • Consultant
  • Software Manager