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Purdue University is taking steps to ensure the health and safety of our community. Virtually all Purdue classes that begin in the months of May, June or July will be delivered by remote instruction. Events are also being restricted or suspended through July 31st. For the latest information and guidance on Purdue’s response to COVID-19 please visit:
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MGMT 691N: Workshop in Strategic Management

Our speaker workshop is a forum for internal faculty and students to present ideas and for us to engage top scholars in strategic management from outside of Purdue. 



2/8 Zhonghui (Hugo) Wang, Purdue University
2/15 Charles Dhanaraj, Indiana University
2/22 Riccardo Fini, University of Bologna & Imperial College London
3/29 Wonsang Ryu, Purdue University
4/12 Valérie Duplat, Edhec Business School
4/19 Tom Elfring, VU University Amsterdam


1/20 Daniel Hyunsung Kang, Georgia Institute of Technology
1/27 Joon Mahn Lee, University of Pennsylvania
2/3 Kannan Srikanth, Indian School of Business
3/2 Zhonghui “Hugo” Wang, Purdue University
3/9 Zhi Huang, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
4/27 Asli Arikan, Ohio State University & Georgia State University
9/7 Exequiel Hernandez, Washington University St. Louis
9/28 Rob Seamans, New York University


2/4 Shane Greenstein, Northwestern University
2/11 Arkadiy Sakhartov, Purdue University
3/4 Peter Klein, University of Missouri
4/8 Jonathan O’Brien, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
4/22 Mona Bahl, Purdue University
5/6 Myles Shaver, University of Minnesota
9/15 Natarajar Balasubramanian, Syracuse University
11/11 Fabrice Lumineau, University of Technology Sydney
11/14 Matthew Theeke, University of Texas at Austin
11/18 Ram Ranganathan, University of Pennsylvania
12/16 Joshua Sears, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign


2/9 Bilian Sullivan, HKUST
2/16 Umit Ozmel, University of North Carolina
3/26 Goncalo Pacheco-de-Almeida, New York University
4/30 John Cantwell, Rutgers University
5/13 Supradeep Dutta, Purdue University
7/23 Cheng-Wei Wu, Purdue University
9/10 Minyuan Zhao, University of Michigan
10/29 Shivaram Devarakonda, Purdue University
11/19 Juan Alcacer,Harvard University


1/9 Kyle Mayer, University of Southern California
2/20 Frank Rothaermel, Georgia Tech
5/14 Linda Argote, Carnegie Mellon University
9/18 Arvids Ziedonis, University of Michigan
10/2 Deepak Somaya, University of Illinois
10/16 Jay Anand, Ohio State University
11/13 Gerry McNamara, Michigan State University
12/4 Mona Bahl, Purdue University


2/18 Daniel Levin, Rutgers University
4/29 Raymond van Wijk, RSM Erasmus University
9/11 Janet Bercovitz, University of Illinois
10/2 Glenn Hoetker, University of Illinois

1/19 Chris Bingham, University of Maryland
2/2 Lori Rosenkopf, University of Pennsylvania
3/7 Jay Barney, Ohio State University
3/9 Aviad Pe'er, Dartmouth College
3/21 Russ Coff, Emory University
9/20 Bob Hoskisson, Arizona State University
9/20 Gabriel Szulanski, INSEAD
11/30 Jeff Reuer, University of North Carolina

1/13 Rich Makadok, Emory University
1/27 Joe Mahoney, University of Illinois
2/13 Brian Boyd, Arizona State University
2/17 Glen Schmidt, University of Utah
2/24 Michael Leiblein, Ohio State University
4/14 Paul Vaaler, University of Illinois
4/28 Jackson Nickerson, Washington University
9/30 Brian McCann, Purdue University
10/20 Tim Folta, Purdue University
11/10 Ithai Stern, Northwestern University