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Dissertation Awards

YearA.T. Kearney Award for Outstanding Research in General Management - presented by Business Policy & Strategy Division of the Academy of Management*General Electric/Strategic Management Society Award for Outstanding Research in Strategic Management - presented by the Strategic Management Society*The Heizer Award for Outstanding Research in New Enterprise Development - presented by the Entrepreneurship Division of the Academy of Management**
2006 Govert Vroom, INSEAD
2005 Sarah Kaplan MIT
2004 Nandini Lahiri, Michigan
2003 Mary Benner, Columbia University Dirk De Clercq, University of Minnesota
2002 Mary Benner, Columbia University Markku V. J. Maula, Helsinki University
2001 Glenn Hoetker University of Michigan Susanna Khavul, Boston University
2000 Belen Villalonga, UCLA No Award Given
1999 Alvaro Cuervo, Cazurra, MIT Mark S. Van Osnabrugge Oxford University
Elisabeth J. Teal University of Georgia
1998 Maurizio Zollo, Wharton No Award Given
1997 Gautam Ahuja, University of Michigan Rodney C.Schrader Georgia State University
1996 Gabriel Szulanski INSEAD Kenneth C. Robinson, University of Georgia
Andrew Zacharakis, University of Colorado
1995 Javier Gimeno, Purdue University Ronald K. Mitchell, University of Utah
1994 Ranjay Gulati, Harvard University No Award Given
1993 Vincent Barker, University of Illinois Robert A. Berg, University of Aukland
1992 Alice Stewart, University of North Carolina Scott W. Kunkel, University of Georgia
1991 Tom Brush - University of Michigan Harry Jack Sapienza - University of Maryland
Lanny Herron - University of South Carolina
1990 James B. Gocs, University of Oregon H. John Hall, University of Georgia
1989 Praveen Rattan, Nayyar, University of Michigan Ryusuke Stanley Furuta, Purdue University William D. Bygrave, Boston University
Mathew James Manimala, Indian Institute of Management
1988 Rhonda Kay Reger, University of Illinois Avi Fiegenbaum, University of Illinois Patricia Phillips McDougall, University of South Carolina
Henry R. Feeser, Purdue University (certificate of distinction)
1987 Richard D'Aveni, Columbia University Karel O. Cool, Purdue University No Award Given
1986 N. Venkatraman, University of Pittsburgh Gary Hansen, University of Michigan No Award Given
1985 Mihaela E. Firsirotu, McGill University Harbir Singh, University of Michigan William R. Sandberg, University of Georgia
John E. Butler, New York U.
1984 Philippe C. Haspeslagh, Harvard University Roland J. Burgman, Purdue University Robert K. Kazanjian, The Wharton School
1983 Michael H. Lubatkin, University of Tennessee Gary E. Willard, Purdue University William B. Gartner, University of Washington
1982 John F. Mahon, Boston University Chandrasekaran, SUNY Buffalo Jeane Schere, The Wharton School
1981 Craig S. Galbraith, Purdue University Irene M. Duhaime, University of Pittsburgh No Award Given
1980 J.C. Spender, University of London
Carolyn Y. Woo, Purdue University
Robert A. Burgelman, Columbia University
Cynthia A. Montomery, Purdue University
Richard B. Robinson, University of Georgia
1979 Kathryn R. Harrigan, Harvard University No Award Given
1978 L. John Bourjeois III, University of Washington John M. Bryson, University of Wisconson No Award Given
1977 Yves Doz, Harvard University C. Kurt Christensen, Columbia University
C. Robley Woods, University of Tennessee
Norman F. Fast, Harvard University
1976 G. Richard Patten, Purdue University Ralph E. Biggadike, Harvard University

* Award Names have changed over time

** For dissertation titles of Heizer Award winners see