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Admission to Upper Division Requirements

College of Liberal Arts

The purpose of the Economics Admissions Index (EAI) courses is to give all Economics students a common academic background and to provide the opportunity to acclimate to the academic environment at Purdue. Students may not enroll in 300-level or above Economics or Management courses before being admitted to Upper Division Economics. To be admitted to Upper Division Economics, students must:

  • complete all EAI courses with an EAI GPA of 2.75 or higher
  • have a cumulative GPA of 2.50 or higher
  • have a C- or higher in all EAI and ECON courses
  • not be on academic probation
Economics Admission Index (EAI) Courses University Core Requirement
Microeconomics: ECON 25100 Behavioral/Social Science
Macroeconomics: ECON 25200 Behavioral/Social Science
Fundamentls of Speech Communication: COM 11400 Oral Communication
First-Year Composition: ENGL 10600 or ENGL 10800 Written Communication
Calculus I: MA 16010 or MA 16100 or MA 16500 Quantitative Reasoning
Organizational Computing: CS 23500 none



  • A maximum of three EAI courses may be taken two times each for a grade if you complete 4-6 EAI courses at Purdue; a maximum of two EAI courses may be taken two times each for a grade if you complete 2-3 EAI courses at Purdue
  • EAI courses completed with a letter grade from Purdue cannot be replaced by a transfer course
  • All EAI courses must be completed at Purdue or through other credit means. The EAI must consist of at least 2 Krannert graded courses (ECON 25200 & ECON 25100) or 3 Purdue graded EAI courses

Transfer Credit

If a beginning or transfer student has completed some or all EAI courses, then an alternate EAI will be defined as follows:

  1. Only courses with grades earned on a Purdue campus will be used to calculate the alternate EAI.
  2. The EAI must consist of at least 4 courses for at least 12 credits.
  3. If needed, ENGL 42000, STAT 35000/STAT 51100 or MGMT 30500 can be added to the EAI to bring the total number of EAI courses to 4.
  4. A student must attain at least a 2.75 EAI GPA to be admitted to Upper Division Economics.