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Purdue University is taking steps to ensure the health and safety of our community. For the latest information and guidance on Purdue’s response to COVID-19 please visit:
Nonprofit Operations Management
Gemma Berenguer

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Bank Audit Committee Financial Experts
Diana Choi
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The impact of monetary rewards on online reviews
Hossein Ghasemkhani
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Brad Alge
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High Dimensional Sparse Data
Zhiyi Tian
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Price Knowledge and Market Power
Federico Rossi
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coordination and project management
Fabrice Lumineau
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Management Department


COVID Vaccine

Why Some Employers Are Paying Workers Extra to Get COVID-19 Vaccine

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Poets Quants for Undergrads Top 50 Professors: Amy David

2020 Best Undergraduate Professors: Amy David

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Employee bagging items

How to Manage Your Supply Chains Now and After COVID-19

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Emergency room entrance sign

New research finds utilizing telemedicine in the ER can reduce wait times and patient length of stay

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Final Summer Textbook Request
Please enter your final Summer textbook information by 5:00 pm Wednesday, April 21. Fall 2021-2022 Semester textbooks can also be entered at this time. To insure accuracy please enter your preferences in Dashboard every semester. Click [Read More] for full details.

Krannert prof comments on COVID's impact on car insurance
Guofang Huang, an assistant professor of management at Purdue University's Krannert School of Management, answers questions about COVID and car insurance in an interview with WalletHub.

CSSAC Education Grants
The Campus Support Staff Advisory Committee (CSSAC) is now accepting applications for employee and dependent grants.


  • Apr 22
    Purdue Presentation Center, helping students deliver presentations (oral presentations and delivery)
    The Lamb School’s Purdue Presentation Center helps students prepare and deliver presentations!
  • Apr 22
    Krannert Alumni Virtual 5K
    Virtual 5K open to Krannert alumni, friends, and staff - and benefits Krannert students!!
  • Apr 22
    Reply Sustainable Investment Challenge
    Take part to the Reply Sustainable Investment Challenge from 19th to 30th April: an online trading competition blending profits and Sustainability. Register and start training by accessing exclusive learning content. Learn how to invest in a sustainable way your $ 1,000,000: make your trades impactful! The first 100 classified will enter the final online round to be held on 12th-14th May. In prize for the first 3 classified a MacBook Pro for the first, iPad Air for the second and an Airpods Pro for the third. Registration will close on April 16th, sign up now! For more information:
  • Apr 22
    Communication and Leadership Corps Internship
    Purdue University, Communication and Leadership Corps – project management and communication internship
  • Apr 22
    2021 Krannert Alumni Conference
    It's all about making connections at the 2021 Virtual Krannert Alumni Conference - April 19-23!
  • Apr 22
    Purdue Series on Corporate Citizenship & Ethics with Ron Insana, Senior Analyst at CNBC
    The Purdue Series on Corporate Citizenship and Ethics is the result of a unique collaboration between the Purdue University College of Education's James F. Ackerman Center for Democratic Citizenship and the Krannert School of Management. Speakers chosen from a variety of disciplines will investigate the various aspects of business ethics and the role citizens play in corporate ethics, providing a well-rounded overview of the effects of corporate ethics upon business, the economy, and society as a whole.
  • Apr 23
    Sustainability Committee invites Bryan Bollinger 4/23/2021
    Please join Management Department Sustainability Committee and Bryan Bollinger presenting, "Visibility and Peer Influence in Durable Good Adoption" on 4/23/2021 at 10:00 - 11:15 am.
  • Apr 23
    Krannert Executive Forum - Rick Cosier, Purdue University
    The Krannert Executive Forum is a management class (MGMT 40100) that features top-level executives and community leaders sharing their experiences with students.

Management Mentoring Lunch, September 2019

Management Mentoring Lunch, September 2019


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