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The impact of monetary rewards on online reviews
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How can we make sure that algorithms are fair?

Machine and human intelligences bring different strengths to the table. Researchers like me are working to understand how algorithms can complement human skills while at the same time minimizing the liabilities of relying on machine intelligence. As a machine learning expert, Karthik Kannan predicts there will soon be a new balance between human and machine intelligence, a shift that humanity hasn’t encountered before.

More about algorithms and fairness

 President Thabo Mbeki of South Africa speaks during a press conference on June 1, 2007 in Pretoria, South Africa. (Credit: Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images)

Leaders with Economics Know-How Drive Faster GDP Growth

National economies may perform better after politicians who have studied economics take power, according to new research.

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Purdue Winners

Krannert’s MSHRM Program hosts 9th Annual HR Case Competition and Conference

On Thursday, November 14, the Krannert School of Management’s MSHRM program hosted its 9th annual HR Case Competition. Forty seven students from ten universities participated in two divisions. The Undergraduate division included: BYU, IUPUI, Marian University, Purdue University, and Universidad Panamericana. The Graduate division included: Purdue University, Texas A&M, University of Minnesota, University of South Carolina, and Villanova University.

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Student participants in the 2019 Management Solutions Challenge

Krannert Hosts Management Solutions Challenge for Purdue Undergraduates

On November 9th, the Krannert School of Management welcomed 52 undergraduate students from the College of Liberal Arts, Polytechnic, Agriculture, Health and Human Services, and Exploratory Studies to the second annual Management Solutions Challenge.

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In the news

Scoring a Job: Training computers to improve hiring practices
Millions of employment decisions are made each year, which can be a strategic advantage for those companies with the ability to sift through numerous candidates to find the best hire. Michael A. Campion, Purdue’s Herman C. Krannert of Professor of Management, says the resumes and achievement records of most job seekers are part of an overflowing pool of big data that creates a daunting amount of work for employers and their HR staff, especially for companies with highly selective hiring practices

How can we make sure that algorithms are fair?
Karthik Kannan, the Thomas J. Howatt Chair in Management at the Krannert School and director of the Krenicki Center for Business Analytics & Machine Learning at Purdue University, shares his expertise on using machines to augment human activity in a guest column for The Conversation. "I predict there will soon be a new balance between human and machine intelligence, a shift that humanity hasn’t encountered before," Kannan says.

2019 CFO of the Year: James Norris
Since arriving at Springbuk more than two years ago, James Norris has successfully led the company through two capital raises, a $20 million Series B round in early 2018 and a just-completed $17 million Series C round. Along the way, the company has grown its customer base sixfold and experienced 100% revenue growth each of the last two years. Full-time employment has skyrocketed under Norris’ watch from 30 to 125.


  • Jan 25
    Registration is Open for the January 2020 Wall Street Financial & Valuation Modeling Seminar
    Attention to all students pursuing investment banking, private equity, portfolio management, business and corporate development, capital markets, equity & credit research, and industry corporate finance careers: The Communication Center in partnership with the Purdue Finance Workshop will be hosting Wall Street Prep's Financial & Valuation Modeling seminar at Purdue University on the weekend of January 25-26, 2019. Register soon as spaced is limited!
  • Jan 29
    Deloitte Consulting Purdue Undergraduate Case Competition
    Are you interested in learning more about Consulting careers? Do you enjoy working in an interactive team to approach multidisciplinary business challenges? If so, gain real-life exposure, hands-on experience, and the chance to win prizes by putting together a team to participate in the Deloitte Consulting Purdue Undergraduate Case Competition! The competition will take place the week of January 27th 2020. For more information, please contact your school recruiter. To apply, please enter the following information. As you are preparing for the coming semester, please remind interested students to apply to the Deloitte Consulting Case Competition by Thursday, January 16th (details below).
  • Jan 30
    SMEF Career Fair
    The Krannert/SMEF Business Career Fair is open to all students interested in business-related career opportunities. SMEF attracts approximately 100 companies seeking students for full-time, internships and co-ops. The fair is Thursday, January 30 from 10:00am-3:00pm. Due to PMU construction, the fair is in the Co-Rec. In addition, companies will be helping with Resume Critiques (Wed) and Company Presentations (Wed & Thurs). For more details visit and login to your myCCO account for a list of companies.
  • Jan 31
    Joe Schroeder - Indiana University
    The accounting department presents Joe Schroeder from Indiana University as part of the BKD Research Workshop Series.
  • Jan 31
    OBHR Distinguished Speaker, Dave Mayer
    OBHR Distinguished Scholar Speaker Series - An annual seminar series to bring in accomplished researchers to lead discussions and present cutting edge research.
  • Jan 31
    MIS Guest Speaker Tianshu Sun
    MIS Guest Speaker Tianshu Sun "The Value of Personal Data in Internet Commerce: a High-stake Field Experiment on Data Regulation Policy"
  • Jan 31
    Krannert Executive Forum - David Randich, MasterBrand Cabinets
    The Krannert Executive Forum is a management class (MGMT 40100) that features top-level executives and community leaders sharing their experiences with students and is free and open to the public as seating permits.
  • Feb 6
    Consulting Skills Consortium and Live Case Competition: Accenture, Bain & Company, and McKinsey & Co
    Consulting Skills Consortium and Live Case Competition Thursday: Panel Friday: Interactive Workshops and Live Case Challenge

Management Mentoring Lunch, September 2019

Management Mentoring Lunch, September 2019


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