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Graduating students land great jobs

The Class of 2012 is poised to make its mark and add to the Krannert School legacy of “analytical insight, global leaders.” Here is what a few of our graduate and undergraduate students will be doing.

Undergraduates '12

Jonathan Gandolf, BSM '12 - ExactTarget Jill Grable, BSM '12 - Boeing Katie Haller, BSIM '12 - Accenture Sumeet Maheshwari, BSM '12 - Samurai Securities Bindu Ranganath, BSIM '12 - Kimberly Clark
Sarah Wheeler, BSM '12 - Microsoft Charisse Williams, BSM '12 - Deloitte Consulting Byron Young, BSM '12 - Target Alicia Barnes, BSM '12 - Nielsen alumni

Undergraduates '13 - Internships

Jessica Shaw, BSM '13 - Hershey's

Master's '12

Tina Deng, MSF '12 - Stephens Jeff Doll, MBA '12 - Amazon Hassan Faraj, MBA '12 - Procter & Gamble Brittany Hill, MBA '12 - Amway
Aravind Ramamoorthy, MBA '12 - Capital One Yunyun Song, MSHRM '12 - IBM Heather Owens MBA '12 - Whirlpool Himani Kesliker MBA ‘12 - Procter & Gamble

Master's '13 - Internships

Jennifer Evemeyer, MBA '13 - Roche Diagnostics Natalia Bogdanova, MBA '13 - Cummins
Gregory Berrouet, MBA '13 - DuPont