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KSAA Board Bylaws: Financial Contribution Guidelines

Addendum II: Financial Contribution Guidelines

Section 1:

As outlined in Article IV, Section 4.5, KSAA Board Members are encouraged to make an annual financial contribution to support the activities of the Krannert School and/or the KSAA.

Section 2:

The following are suggested guidelines for financial contributions and are based upon KSAA Board Member time elapsed since graduation;

0-2 Years Post Graduation $0
3-10 Years Post Graduation 


>10 Years Post Graduation $1,000

Section 3:

The financial contributions provided by the KSAA Board Members will be used to fund and/or subsidize the following activities (as identified in July, 2015 by the KSAA Board at the Summer Retreat).

Section 3.1:

Event/Spring Event $4,000: Example given; Host the Fall Football Homecoming Tailgate as a "Welcome to the Krannert Family Event". Goal is to provide visibility to the board and aid in developing a tradition to enjoy for years to come. The Spring Event may include, but not be limited to, a pizza party or other gathering for our graduating seniors. The goal is to congratulate them while also fostering a sense of community and spirit of involvement with Krannert for years to come.

Section 3.2:

Doster Leadership Conference $15,000: The KSAA has historically provided funding through donations of its board members that help subsidize this important event. The conference provides the top Krannert freshman and sophomores the opportunity to interact and network with important and influential business leaders, building relationships that will last a lifetime.

Section 3.3:

KSAA Gift Fund $2,500: A fund that provides the KSAA Board with a small operating budget, to pay for activities, initiatives, and gifts that fall under the board’s purview.

Section 4:

The end use of KSAA financial contributions are flexible and subject to change, given feedback from the KSAA President, the KSAA Members, or the Dean of the Krannert School of Management. Any updates or changes are subject to a review and subsequent majority vote of the KSAA Board for approval.