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KSAA Board Bylaws: Membership Responsibilities and Expectations

Article IV: Membership Responsibilities and Expectations

Section 1:University Volunteer Policy

KSAA Members are viewed as volunteers working on behalf of Purdue University. As such, all KSAA Members must complete and submit a Volunteer Policy Form, as required by Purdue University. Each individual will be screened to ensure a safe environment for work, study, and outreach for all Purdue and Krannert School constituents.

Section 2: Purdue Alumni Association

KSAA Members are strongly encouraged to maintain an active membership in the Purdue Alumni Association (PAA).

Section 3: Meeting Attendance

It is expected that KSAA Members will attend and participate in the fall and spring board meetings.  Meeting attendance will be tracked; frequent absenteeism will result in dismissal from the KSAA Board.

Section 4: Committee Involvement

Members are required to serve as an active participant on at least one committee throughout the duration of his/her respective term. Addendum III outlines the current committees supporting the KSAA Board, as of the date of this document.

Section 5: Financial Contributions

KSAA Board Members are encouraged to make an annual contribution to support the activities of the Krannert School and/or the KSAA. See Addendum II for suggested contribution levels.