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KSAA Board Bylaws: Membership

Article III: Membership

Section 1: Qualifications

The membership of the KSAA shall consist of alumni from the Krannert School.

Section 2: Membership of the Board

The KSAA shall consist of a minimum of 30, not to exceed 40 members.

Section 3: Board Members

Members of the KSAA board shall serve a term of three years, with the possibility to extend for two additional, consecutive three-year terms. The extension is dependent upon successful service to the purpose of the KSAA, and subject to review by the Membership and Governance Committee, with approval by the KSAA President.

Section 3.1: Board Member Selection

Members will be selected via nominations solicited from current KSAA members, Krannert administration, staff, and faculty, and subject to a majority vote of the KSAA. Nominees will exhibit passion and enthusiasm towards Krannert and the purpose of the KSAA, achieved through involvement in KSAA committees, recruitment of Krannert students, or interactions with faculty, staff, and administration.

Section 3.1.1: Selection Process

The process outlining how nominees are solicited and ultimately chosen for board appointment is outlined in Addendum I.

Section 3.2: Term Limits and Re-nomination/ Selection

No member shall serve for longer than three consecutive three-year terms without rolling off of the board for a minimum of one year before seeking re-nomination/selection.

Section 3.3: Voting Rights

Only board members selected via the nomination and selection process maintain voting rights in relation to the operations of the KSAA.

Section 4: Honorary Board Members

The current presidents of the Krannert Graduate Student Association (KGSA) and School of Management Council (SMC) will hold a position during the academic year on the KSAA as non-voting members.

Section 5: Emeritus Members

The title of KSAA Member Emeritus is an honor and may be granted to any member of the KSAA who has completed at least one three-year term of outstanding service to the KSAA. Member Emeritus status will only be granted once an individual has fully retired (meaning, will no longer seek to serve a KSAA Member) as a voting member of the KSAA. Members Emeriti are not counted within the roster of board members as outlined in Article II, Section 2.2 above. There shall be no limit on the number of Members Emeriti.

Section 5.1: Recommendation Process

A recommendation to confer Emeritus status upon a former KSAA member may be brought for review at any time by any current KSAA member, the Krannert Administration, Faculty, or Staff, assuming the individual being recommended meets the service standards mentioned in Article III, Section 3.5 above. Recommendations shall be made to the Membership and Governance Committee to facilitate the approval process outlined below.

Section 5.1.1: Approval of Emeritus Status

If deemed eligible, the title of Member Emeritus will be bestowed upon a former board member by a majority vote of the current KSAA membership and approval by the Dean of the Krannert School of Management.

Section 5.2: Voting Rights

Members Emeriti will serve without voting rights in relation to KSAA operations, but retain the privilege to attend all KSAA general meetings, events, and activities.

Section 5.3: Emeritus Membership Team

A Member Emeritus appointment is for life, unless removed for cause by majority vote of the KSAA.

Section 6: Resignations and Removal

KSAA Members, including Honorary and Emeriti, may a) resign at any time by written letter to the KSAA President and/or b) be removed at any time with our without cause by recommendation of the Emeritus Member Relations Committee and a majority vote of KSAA.