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KSAA Board Bylaws: President Duties and Nomination and Selection Process

Article V: KSAA President Duties and Nomination and Selection Process

Section 1: Duties

The KSAA President shall preside at all meetings of the KSAA, shall have general supervision of the affairs of the KSAA, and shall perform all other duties required of the position of KSAA President or those duties which are required on behalf of the KSAA Members.

Section 2: Operating Plan

The KSAA President will develop the current term operating plan for the KSAA, in a manner consistent with the objectives of the Dean of the Krannert School of Management. This shall include, but shall not be limited to, creating and dissolving KSAA committees (see Addendum III for the current list as of the date of this document), appointing committee chairs, and approving the agenda for all KSAA meetings.

Section 3: Term

The KSAA President shall serve a three-year term, excluding the one-year transition (outlined in Section 5.5 below) with the prior incumbent. Terms begin in July and end in June. The President is limited to six total years in office, or two three-year terms, served either consecutively or with time between the three-year terms.

Section 4: Nomination and Selection Process

The KSAA President Elect will be chosen via a nomination and selection process. This process will be managed by a small committee (hereafter referred to as the President Selection Committee). KSAA Members are encouraged to participate in the selection of the new President, both through nominations of candidates and involvement in the Selection Committee.

Section 4.1: Nomination

After the fall meeting in Year 2 of the incumbent KSAA President’s term the President Selection Committee will solicit nominees for the position of KSAA President. (Note: Year 2 of 1st  Term, if Incumbent expresses desire to not serve 2nd Term: Year 2 of 2nd Term if otherwise).

Section 4.1.1: Nomination Process

Nominees will be solicited from all current KSAA Board Members, Members Emeriti, Krannert Administration and Staff (excluding the Dean, given involvement outlined below in below). The President Selection Committee will announce the nomination process and request for nominees following the fall meeting of Year 2 of the Incumbent KSAA President’s term, no later than December 1 of Year 2 of the operating term.

Section Nominee Eligibility

KSAA Board Members that have completed at least one three-year term of sustained and outstanding service to the KSAA and its purpose are eligible to seek the KSAA Presidency.

Section Collection/ Consolidation of Nominations

Mode of nomination and associated process to be determined by the President Selection Committee (internet application, email, recusal, etc.)

Section Deadline for Nominees

All nominations are to be submitted by March 1 of the Year 2 operating term.

Section 4.2: Selection

The President Selection Committee will review the pool of nominees and discuss the merits of each in relation to serving as KSAA President. This includes, but is not limited to, each nominee’s contributions to the purpose of the KSAA Board, leadership and/or involvement in KSAA Committees, etc.

Section 4.2.1: Input from the Dean

The Dean of the Krannert School of Management holds the right to review the merits of each nominee, and will provide counsel and feedback to the President Selection Committee on the selection process. The right to review may include, but will not be limited to, meeting individually with nominees, seeking additional input from Board Members not part of the President Selection Committee, or conferring with Krannert Faculty and Staff.

Section 4.3: Anouncement of President Elect

The President Selection Committee shall announce the choice of the President Elect no later than the start of the operating term (August 1) in Year 3 of the Incumbent KSAA President.

Section 5: Transition of KSAA and KSAA President Elect

The KSAA President Elect shall transition with the incumbent KSAA President during Year 3 of the Incumbent’s term, with the President Elect assuming the title of KSAA President in the fall of following year.