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Alumni Career Map

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A.T. Kearney


Marc Hochman [MBA]

[Consulting] [Finance] [Gen Mgmt/Strategy] [Operations]

In my role as a Partner at A.T. Kearney, I work with clients to help improve their procurement and analytic capabilities so as to improve their efficiency and effectiveness. As COO of A.T. Kearney Procurement & Analytic Solutions, I oversee our day-to-day operations.

After graduating from Krannert, I returned to Air Products in a Finance role. From their I was asked to move to Procurement to fix a problem and have been in procurement/supply chain roles ever since. I was then recruited to American Cyanamid as Director of Purchasing for Chemicals and Energy. After helping to sell Cyanamid to BASF, I stayed to do integration planning and the integration. When that was done, I moved to a start-up named eBreviate that had been born out of A.T. Kearney. 15 months after I joined eBreviate we rolled it back into Kearney into a new business unit which was the predecessor of A.T. Kearney Procurement & Analytic Solutions. I was named VP, Global Operations in 2004 and elected a Partner in the Firm in 2007.

Abbey Press

St. Meinrad

Stephen Wagner [Industrial Management]


Manage the information technology department. Responsible for the evaluation and purchase of information technology hardware and software. Manage the technology support services.

I started out as a cost accountant for a furniture manufacturing company. I took over the responsibility for the data processing when they installed their first computer system. I then moved into programming for a mail order catalog company. I was promoted to programmer supervisor and then to Information Systems and Services Manager.

Abbott Laboratories

Abbott Park

Calvin Stone [Management]


I work with business users of various systems (i.e. quality/regulatory, marketing and sales systems) in identifying ways to use technology to improve or automate current processes. This includes documenting a proposed new process and working with technical developers (coders) to implement and test.

In Krannert, I studied Management with concentrations in MIS, Finance, and Strategic Management. As an active Krannert student, my involvement included the Business Opportunity Program and the School of Management Employer's Forum (SMEF). Some internships held were the Gary Empowerment Zone -Business Development Intern, Lake County Auditor's Office - Billing Intern, and Abbott Laboratories - MIS Intern. / / After graduating, I accepted an offer to participate in the Abbott IT Professional Development Program and worked in the following areas: Infrastructure Services, Nutrition Supply Chain IT, and Diagnostics Division US Operations IT. Since completing the program, I'm working in Abbott Molecular Diagnostics IT as a Business Systems Analyst.

Abrasive Blast Systems


Eric Thomas [Industrial Management]

[Gen Mgmt/Strategy] [IT] [Marketing Sales] [Operations]

We design and manufacture abrasive blast room equipment which is used in the corrosion protection industry to prepare steel for a protective coating.

Work in manufacturing for oilfield equipment suppliers and then in the corrosion protection end of the business. Was a partner in a blast room manufacturer in 1987 until 2003. Started ABS Blast in 2003.


Arlington Heights

Alan Anderson [Industrial Management]

[Consulting] [Gen Mgmt/Strategy] [IT]

Manage, sell and conduct mainly Information Technology consulting.

Managed manufacturing operations with GM and then switched to consulting for primarily manufacturing companies.


Harrison Starr [Industrial Management]

[Consulting] [Gen Mgmt/Strategy] [IT]

I work as a part of a small team to develop and implement strategic business intelligence capabilities at a multi-billion dollar telecommunications company.

After the summer of my junior year, I interned with Accenture where I took a full-time offer upon graduating in the summer of 2012. My initial role out of college dealt with project delivery within business intelligence. After about three months, I moved into a role supporting a strategic business intelligence initiative across the enterprise as a project management analyst. It has provided me exposure into enterprise data warehousing, as well as advanced analytics, including SAS.


Jonathan Carl Witt [Management]

[Consulting] [Marketing Sales]

Leverage Accenture’s technology partners / alliances and collaborate with client engagement teams to develop and manage alliance opportunities supporting consulting solutions (local and global).

Outside sales at Aerotek (2.5 Years) then Accenture (5 Years).

Jacob Boerema [Management]

[Consulting] [Gen Mgmt/Strategy]

Fortune 500 company strategy and management consulting across Banking, Capital Markets, High tech, Pharmaceutical and Non profit industries. Currently advising on large scale joint venture and merger plans for large financial services firms.

Graduated Krannert in May of 2010 with a BS in management and went to work directly for Accenture as a Business Analyst in their Management Consulting rotational program. After 4 projects and 2 years with the firm, I took a 3 month leave of absence to bicycle across the country with Bike and Build raising awareness and funding for affordable housing organizations. Upon returning to Accenture, I was promoted early to the Consultant level and currently manage a small team. I am targeting early promotion to the Manager level during the fall of 2014 and will continue consulting in high tech, financial services and non profit industries.

John Wells [Management]

[Consulting] [IT]

I work in business process optimization and systems design to help Consumer Packaged Goods clients roll out large-scale IT implementations, particularly in the area of Trade Promotion Management.

I originally applied to Purdue as undecided, and transferred into Krannert at the end of my sophomore year. I was considering pursuing HR management, but after further study I realized that I was more interested in MIS. Through numerous student clubs and activities, I developed skills in time/project management and continued to refined my technological skills through my studies in the MIS program. With the help of Krannert, I landed an MIS internship at a company in Taiwan, where I decided I wanted to start a career in an MIS-type role upon graduation. I received my job offer from Accenture as a Systems Integration Analyst at a the Krannert Career fair. Within Accenture, I was able to steer my career toward the CPG industry.

James Hayes [Industrial Management]

[Consulting] [Gen Mgmt/Strategy] [Human Resources] [IT] [Marketing Sales] [Operations]

As Managing Director of Ecosystem and Offerings at Accenture, I develop the strategy and go-to-market plans for all of the potential partners in the technology ecosystem. Including, identifying investments, building capabilities, developing partnerships, and building assets.

Patrick Egan [Management]

[Consulting] [Gen Mgmt/Strategy] [IT]

Lead large scale business and IT transformation initiatives and help my clients adjust to the associated changes.

A long and winding road. Software to consulting to business development to consulting to program management to more consulting. I love the ever shifting environments that consulting allows me to become a part of and change for the better. The more variety in clients and challenges the better...that is the life of a consultant.


Dennis Terry [Industrial Management]

[Consulting] [Gen Mgmt/Strategy] [IT]

I worked in the Regulated Utilities Industry helping clients with process improvement together with the design and implementation of information systems.

Fresh out of Krannert I accepted a job offer from Consulting Division of Arthur Andersen & Co in the Chicago office... a series of name changes led to the firm known as Accenture. After 1 year I transferred to the Milwaukee office and remained there for 21 years before finishing my career in Northbrook, Illinois. This was the only job I had after college. / / Having said that, I gained the experience of many jobs. I worked in the insurance, healthcare and regulated utility industries. Worked with clients all over the U.S. and abroad. Lived in Ireland for 18 months. Partnered with dozens of Accenture offices to assemble teams for projects ranging from a few people to over 250. Led recruiting efforts on several college campus'. / /


Charles David Schwab [Accounting] [Management]

[Consulting] [Gen Mgmt/Strategy] [IT] [Marketing Sales] [Operations]

I look at companies from a strategic problem solving perspective and determine where mobile tech can help solve these business problems. I consult clients, write internal and external marketing materials and work with industry partners (like device manufacturers).

My first job was with Abbott in their finance leadership program. I didn't feel challenged there, so after 6 months in the program I took a job in consulting with Accenture in their Supply Chain practice. After a year in Supply Chain, I transferred to the Operations Strategy practice (had to impress some partners to do this). I stayed there a few years and climbed the ladder. After a while I wanted to do more with tech (the disruptive kind... not typical the "SAP deployment" stuff). Mobility had been designated as a strategic focus area for ACN and I had the opportunity to join the MC team there to help them aggressively grow sales. Mobility and its related tech will drastically disrupt every industry and I'm happy to be a part of it.

Ackerman & Associates


John Ackerman [Economics]

[Consulting] [Marketing Sales]

I export forest products to Europe and the Middle East.

Graduate studies at Michigan State University, major, Psychology.

Worked 30 years for Kimball International, Inc. Jasper, IN in various management positions from Human Services Manager to Manufacturing Plant General Manager, culminating as Executive Vice President for several manufacturing and services operations.

Worked 12 years for General Woods & Veneers, Ltd. Montreal, Canada, as a General Manager for several Forest Product Operations overseeing all facets of the operations.

Started my own consulting and export company for the sale of forest products to Europe and the Middle East.

Ackermann Group


John Wendt [Management]


Chief Financial Officer - Real Estate Development.

Following Krannert, co-founded local public accounting firm in Cincinnati. Grew firm to about 25 people and sold it. / / Joined a real estate development and investment company that focuses on 1) inner city apartment, retail and office development and 2) apartment investments in Ohio, Indiana and Kentucky. Currently oversee accounting, investment reporting, tax reporting, strategic development, real estate development finance, public finance and technology.

Acquity Group


Kyle Kacius [Management]

[Consulting] [IT]

Work with Fortune 500 companies to establish and promote their products through ecommerce.

Extensively used CCO to apply for jobs. Two summer internships were a large help, companies want real world experience.

ACWR of Jamaica

Kingston 20

Blake Benjamin Widmer [Accounting] [Management]

[Consulting] [Finance] [Gen Mgmt/Strategy] [Human Resources] [Operations]

I serve overseas in Kingston, Jamaica with a couple of roles. With one organization, Caribbean Christian Centre for the Deaf, I am a "Team Coordinator" and responsible for US based volunteer groups of up to 40 people. With ACWR of Jamaica, I coordinate projects and Foreign Aid relief for the poor.

During undergrad at Krannert I was given the opportunity to interview for a summer internship with a consulting firm in Indy. I did not receive the position but they liked me, and after further discussions I was given a full-time job after graduation. I worked at Adayana Agri-Business Group for two years as a Business Analyst. It provided great exposure to a wide range of business/mgmt/marketing consulting projects and clients. Several other Krannert grads worked there and our managers were quick to give us more responsibility. I believe our Krannert undergrad experience provided a strong foundation. From there I moved overseas to serve as a missionary. Although the worlds seem far apart, Krannert and my career experience benefit me today.

Advantage Analytics


Clayton Graham [Economics]

[Accounting] [Consulting] [Finance] [Gen Mgmt/Strategy] [Human Resources] [IT] [Marketing Sales] [Operations]

Building and implement mathematical models for following industries: Investment gaming, Professional baseball, Education & Venture Capital.

Further education: MA-economics, MBA-quantitative methods (Kellogg Northwestern), PhD Program (Kellogg) - degree not completed, WIP dissertation. / Management Consultant: A.T. Kearney, Inc.; Entrepreneur (owner/CEO): Graham Plating Works, TWR Service Corporation, Aerotec,llc (featured in Forbes), Advantage Analytics,llc. / Adjunct Professor: DePaul University, Statistics, Decision Science, Entrepreneurship & Economics. / Published extensively: Profitability & Control, Baseball Analytics, Professional Gaming /

Advantage Consulting Group


David Wilson [Industrial Management] [MBA]

[Accounting] [Consulting] [Finance] [Gen Mgmt/Strategy] [Marketing Sales]

Consulting Industrial Engineering to streamline manufacturing processes and Distribution. We improve methods and install engineering performance standards.

US Navy Officer. Standards and methods and supervisor Ryerson Steel. Supervisor and later Manager Industrial Engineering Johnson And Johnson. Industrial engineering Manager Quaker Oats. Manager Manufacturing Engineering Dover Corporation. Senior Vice President Erick C. Baum and associates. President Advantage Consulting Group.

Advocate Health Care

Oak Brook

Rob Besecker [MBA]

[Marketing Sales]

Provide education for physicians, nurses and people of the community on the benefits and eligibility criteria for end-of-life care.

United Technologies Corporation (Hamilton Sundstrand, Sikorsky Helicopter & Carrier Corporation) 2002 - 2004 / Combination of Human Resources and Marketing / / Merck Pharmaceutical 2005 - 2007 / Sales / / Advocate Health Care 2007 - Present / Marketing / Sales.


São Paulo

Jean C Mies [MBA]

[Gen Mgmt/Strategy]

I am responsible for the Latin American business of a Dutch IT company focusing on payment solutions for retail and e-commerce companies. Adyen operates globally with a customer base of more than 2500 international clients.

After graduating from Purdue University I joined Western Union Financial Services as a Business Development Manager. During that period I was responsible for the expansion of the customer base of WU in Germany and signed a large number of banks and non-financial institutions. After 3 years I was promoted and became WU's Director of Operations for Europe, Middle East, Africa and South Asia. / In 2010 I decided to move back to Brazil, my home country, where I have been managing local operations of international companies ever since. Since 2011 I manage the LATAM business of a renowned Dutch IT company.

Aetos Technologies


Charles Ludwig [MSIA]

[Consulting] [Finance] [Gen Mgmt/Strategy] [Marketing Sales] [Operations]

Commercialize high-value technologies based on academic research or other technology developments.

GE-Plastics Div. under Jack Welch (plastics business), VP Specialty Chemicals Great Lakes Chemical, President-GIL Technologies, President-Avistis, Founder and CEO Aetos Technologies and CytoViva, Co-Managing Partner of C&A Ludwig technology consulting enterprise.

Ag Alumni Seed


William Jackson Iii Stumph [Management]

[Accounting] [Finance] [Gen Mgmt/Strategy] [Human Resources] [IT]

I manage all finance, human resource, information systems, communication systems, and insurance functions for the company. Like other upper management, I also work on strategic planning and various legal agreements or contracts.

My first position was a staff accountant for a Walgreen's accounting office (not retail). I worked on accounting and information systems responsible for billing and application of insurance payments for the in-home, nurse-delivered drugs and medical equipment. / My second job after Krannert was working as the controller of a pavement marking company. The company also rented barricades and signage for road construction throughout the US. / My third (and current) position is with Ag Alumni Seed. It took me a year after college to finally get in the door, and I've been here ever since. I get to work as the HR dept, Finance dept, Communications dept, IT dept, Legal review, Insurance dept, as well as the accounting and strategic functions.


New Iberia

Peter Cochran [MS(F)]

[Gen Mgmt/Strategy]

Manage 7 locations with $80 million in sales and almost 100 employees in the temporary utilities industry.

Major in Finance. Spent several years in financial positions doing financial reporting, investment analysis, budgeting. Moved into product management and then into general management in several geographies, for several companies in a couple different industries.

Air Products and Chemicals


Russell Flugel [MBA]

[Accounting] [Finance]

I lead all financial planning and accounting activities for a $10B Industrial Gas company. This includes responsibility for manufacturing accounting, technical accounting, SEC filings, investor relations support, financial planning, budgeting and forecasting.

I joined Air Products in 1998 as a financial analyst on a rotational development program and worked in a variety of financial analyst roles. In 2000, I began working as a Controller in the Industrial Chemicals Division. In 2005, I was appointed Manager, Financial Planning and Analysis in the Treasury department. In 2007, I became Controller for the Merchant Gases Segment. In this role, I had business decision support responsibility for the company's largest segment with regional businesses located in North America, Europe, Asia and Latin America and with significant equity affiliates around the world. In 2011, I was appointed as Director of Financial Planning and Reporting and later assumed responsibility for Accounting.

Joseph Cardinale [MBA]

[Finance] [Gen Mgmt/Strategy]

Analyze and forecast global macroeconomic trends regarding how they impact current and future business opportunities.

I have spent my entire post-Krannert career with the same company (15 years). I worked through several financial analysis roles with increasing responsibility to learn the company, management skills and key business drivers; as well as transitioning the Krannert education into applied corporate finance. The combination of these experiences along with my undergraduate economics training provided the opportunity to move into our economics department. There I continued to gain experience and expertise and was named Chief Economist in 2009.



Christoph Hettwer [Executive MBA]


I am heading the Airbus A380 Paintshop. Our task is to apply the paint systems chosen by Airbus customers on all Airbus A380. My accountability ranges from customer definition, through manufacturing engineering, paint manufacturing and delivery support.

2002 - 2006 Senior manager A330/A340 Cabin & Payload systems engineering 2006 - 2008 Senior manager A380 Customer definition for Cabin & Payload systems 2008 - 2010 Senior manager A380 fleet management for Cabin & Fuselage assembly 2010 - present Senior manager A380 paintshop



Eric Krueger [Industrial Management]

[Gen Mgmt/Strategy] [Operations]

Spending nine months learning operations to become a plant manager.

Got the operations management trainee position at Airgas right out of Krannert.

Aker Solutions

Rio de Janeiro

Mauricio Nascimento [MBA]

[Accounting] [Finance]

Chief financial Officer for the Brazil Region at Aker Solutions, a global leader in the oilfield services industry.

I've worked 12 years at United Technologies Corporation, performing various functions in various countries. / Then I joined Aker Solutions, in the oil and gas industry, for almost three years.


Lake Forest

Gary Stamatkin [Management]

[Accounting] [Finance]

Direct all aspects of company's tax function, including strategic planning, compliance, reporting tax expense in the financial statements.

I enrolled in a Masters of Accounting program at the University of Illinois after graduation from Purdue. Following completion and passing the CPA exam, I started my career at Price Waterhouse in Chicago. I strongly recommend that any Accounting graduate start in a Big 4 accounting firm because of the amount you learn in a short time. / I left Price Waterhouse to join Tribune Company after 4 years. I stayed with Tribune for 10 years, advancing from Senior Tax Accountant to Manager of Federal Taxes. I then returned to public accounting, spending 4 years as a Senior Manager at KPMG. I have since been leading tax departments at increasingly interesting companies, both public and private, for the past 14 years.



Peter Mast [MBA]

[Consulting] [Gen Mgmt/Strategy] [Operations]

Serve as internal expert in Operational Excellence (related to Toyota Production System), Reliability Excellence (strategic equipment and plant maintenance) and Fleet Management (supply chain of industrial mobile equipment).

Joined Alcoa out of MBA in a management development program. This is my third role in 5 years. Previous roles included Production Management in Knoxville, TN and Materials Management (as part of procurement organization) in Pittsburgh, PA. Due to economy, the development program is not functioning anymore, but still maintain high viability and mobility within the Alcoa Primary Metals organization.


West Haven

Charles Lewis [Management]

[Gen Mgmt/Strategy] [Human Resources]

Manage the HR function for North and South America.

After graduation started a career in Human Resources spanning 4 decades with 5 companies. I have progressed through a number of assignments gaining experience in all aspects of Human Resource management. I also held a sales leadership role for 3 years.



Scott Cassady [Management]

[Gen Mgmt/Strategy] [Marketing Sales] [Operations]

Lead the sales/marketing efforts of our pharmaceutical products to eye care physicians in a 16 state area, have 12 managers and 90 sales representatives that report up through me.

I went straight from college to Tulsa, OK, where I started as a sales representative for Allergan (3yrs), then I went to Irvine CA. as a Corporate Trainer (1yr), then to Seattle, WA as a District Manage r(3yrs), then to Dallas , TX where I held the following roles, Sr. Corporate Accounts Manager(Surgical and Optical accounts, 5 yrs), Sr National Accounts Manager (Managed Care, 7 yrs), Customer Marketing (managed Care, 1 yr), Sr. Region Manager Teaching Institutions (Ophthalmology), Regional Director of Sales (Current Role, 8 yrs). I had several offers around the Midwest when I graduated, but after much research decided to go the pharmaceutical route and the job in Tulsa with Allergan is the job I secured and it was a great decision, 29 yrs later.


James Dolaway [Industrial Management]

[Gen Mgmt/Strategy] [Operations]

Manage material/component quality. Includes in-plant performance and processes at suppliers.

Cost accountant & industrial engineer in the food processing industry. Moved to the packaging industry where served as industrial engineer, safety & environmental manager, training coordinator, purchasing champion, IS manager. Moved to pharmaceutical industry to manage supplier quality.

Alliance Bank


Ronald Kruger [Management]

[Accounting] [Finance] [Marketing Sales]

I am a commercial loan officer at a locally owned, community bank. A large percentage of my loans involve the agriculture industry.

I began my career as an Indiana State Bank Examiner immediately after graduating from Purdue. I continued that job for 4 years and then began work as a commercial loan officer at a bank in Monticello. A position became available in my hometown bank 1 1/2 years later. After working in the loan department there for 6 years, I was approached to head up the bank's new Investment Center. I agreed, and obtained my Series 6 and 63 securities licenses in 1996. In 2008, I obtained my Series 7 securities license to be able to market more investment products. I survived 3 bear markets in a job that became commission based a couple years into the position. In 2011, I was able to return to the commercial loan department where I remain today.

Allison Transmission


Donald Barton [Industrial Management]

[Consulting] [Gen Mgmt/Strategy] [Human Resources] [Marketing Sales]

I direct a program that sends qualified personnel into vehicle and equipment factories to check for proper installation of our products.

Started teaching classes on automatic transmissions and electronic control systems. Worked in the Service department handling customer complaints for a few years. Worked in Field Engineering running vehicle tests on a new product line. Supervised the Technical Publications Department. Supervised Product Training. Supervised Service Department. Supervised Order Management. Managed Distribution Administration. Moved to Texas to handle customer complaints in the Southern U.S., Mexico and part of the Caribbean. Moved back to headquarters to work in OEM Product Assurance. Now Direct the OEM Product Assurance program which requires global travel. My education at Purdue and personal experience opened the doors necessary.

Ally Bank


Jim Vaca [Management] [MBA]

[Gen Mgmt/Strategy]

In my strategy role I help determine the future balance sheet mix and product offerings of the bank, keep a pulse on the external environment, and develop the bank's annual strategic plan. Regulatory Relations involves managing all aspects of our relationship with our primary regulator, the FDIC.

I started my career in IT consulting with Accenture, primary focus was implementation of SAP. After three years in consulting I returned to Krannert to pursue my MBA. I was recruited by Bank of America where my focus was on process improvement (Six Sigma) within the Quality and Productivity function. I was asked to transfer to the Wealth Management Banking division where my focus continued to be on process improvement but also focused on customer segmentation. I was then recruited to join Ally as an IT Program manager which then led to leading Regulatory Relations for Ally Bank and subsequently my role being expanded to include leading the strategy function.

Ally Financial


Joseph Poi [Industrial Management] [MBA]

[Finance] [Gen Mgmt/Strategy] [Operations]

My department is responsible for developing the strategies to service Ally's 4 million auto loans including Customer Care, Collections, Recoveries and Remarketing.

After earning my MSM in Finance (89), I went to work for the Ford Motor Company in Finance in Dearborn Michigan as a financial analyst. After multiple roles and career progressions through Ford Finance, I had the opportunity to manage the Marketing Department for Ford Credit and then develop a Risk Management department to manage the leasing business. / / In 2007, I took a role with AmeriCredit in Fort Worth, Texas. As a sub-prime auto lender, my role was to help AmeriCredit become a full-spectrum lender by combining and developing consistent credit risk policies and practices. / In 2009, I joined Capital One to lead Recoveries & Remarketing Operations, and joined Ally Financial in 2012 where I lead the Strategy team for operations.

Alstom Hydro


Mikhail Smirnov [MBA]


Manage the Unit's Project Planning efforts including personnel assignments, training, and supervision

Mid-level managerial positions in project management.

Alternative Hose Southeast


Andrew Drook [Management]

[Finance] [Gen Mgmt/Strategy] [Marketing Sales] [Operations]


Upon graduation from Krannert in 1989 my first job was in a bank as a credit analyst and later a commercial lending officer. I spent 4 years in banking before leaving to attend graduate school. In 1995 I graduated with my MBA from the full-time MBA program at Wake Forest University's Babcock Graduate School of Management with a concentration in finance. I was recruited out of graduate school by Hewlett-Packard and spent 15 years in industry working in various financial roles for several companies in addition to HP including Phelps Dodge. Kimberly-Clark, and Equifax. My career progression was from credit analyst/financial analyst to finance manager to director of finance. I started my own business in 2010.

Alvarez & Marsal

New York

Denis Picard [MBA]

[Consulting] [Gen Mgmt/Strategy] [IT] [Operations]

Senior business advisor who works with executives within large companies to improve performance, especially in terms of customer service, financial results, and productivity. Specialized expertise includes operations and technology, mergers & acquisitions, corporate divestitures, and change mgmt.

Joined Price Waterhouse (now PwC) Boston in 1984. Spent 19 years working with companies to improve operations and use of IT. Admitted to partnership in 1993; transferred to NJ to launch a consulting practice. Built capabilities to help private equity investors assess IT strengths/weaknesses of potential investments. / / Left PwC in 2003 to become Chief Information Officer of a company owned by a leading private equity firm. Worked as member of the executive leadership team to restructure operations; company was sold at significantly increased value. Worked with several other companies owned by the same firm to improve operations and create value. / / Joined Alvarez & Marsal a leading global performance improvement firm, in 2007.


Somak Paul [MBA]


I manage day-to-day on the floor operations in a warehouse in Phoenix. My job is to make sure that all the customer orders are shipped from the warehouse on time. As a people manager I am also responsible for the 90+ associates that report to me.

I graduated from Krannert in May, 2012. Started as an Operations Manager at in June 2012 and presently I am in the same role. I am in a program called Pathways designed for the MBA grads in Amazon.


Michael Friedemann [Industrial Management]

[Gen Mgmt/Strategy] [Operations]

Manage and plan a shift of 75 people to accomplish company goals.

Interviewed with Amazon at a career fair and signed with them when an offer was put forth. Over the past 2 years working for the company I have risen 2 levels and had the opportunity to travel internationally to assist with struggling sites on a PIT (Performance Improvement Team).


Andres Sanchez [MSIA]

Finance Manager; [Finance]

Finance lead for AWS business

After graduation, I have been working in Finance since 2000. Initially, spending over 7 years in the chemical industry in a broad set of roles. Then for over 5 years with Microsoft overseeing Windows R&D teams and The OEM Business. Now, I have under 2 months in Amazon.

Ashutosh Shankar [MBA]

[Gen Mgmt/Strategy] [Operations]

Enabling Quidsi (Amazon subsidiary) to integrate with Amazon. I work from business side to identify requirements and then work cross-functionally to address those.

I started with A.T. Kearney in the Procurement and Analytics group and worked on exciting consulting projects. The project included working on strategic sourcing (direct and indirect) for a packaging distributor, financial transformation of an office supplies retailer, and strategic sourcing of commodity and specialty chemicals for a corn refiner post acquisition. / After 2.5 years at A.T. Kearney, I joined Kindle Global Inventory Mgmt team at Amazon where I managed global launches and inventory planning for Kindle Touch, Kindle Fire and Kindle Paperwhite. More recently, I have moved in to consumables space in the Integration team to realize the most benefits of Quidsi acquisition by enabling Quidsi with right processes and tools.

Gaurav Dasgupta [MBA]


Manage inventory allocation and production planning worldwide for Kindle devices.

I interned with Amazon in the Pathways leadership program during my MBA and joined full time in Supply Chain Amazon as a Program manager, driving several strategic projects. Later I took up a role in the Kindle team to lead inventory planning and allocation for several Kindle Devices.

American Express


Thibaud Billiard [MBA]

[Accounting] [Finance]


I work in finance for American Express.

Ameriprise Financial Services


Sarah Elizabeth Arthur [Management]

[Consulting] [Finance] [Gen Mgmt/Strategy] [Marketing Sales]

I work in an independent practice of Ameriprise in financial planning. I work with another paraplanner and we support a financial advisor with his existing practice of approximately 200 clients. I oversee some administrative tasks, client service, marketing efforts, and client acquisition.

After graduation, I worked in management consulting as an implementation consultant for Protiviti in Chicago. Then I worked in retail real estate development for a small, private company based in Chicago for five years in leasing, marketing, and development functions. I recently made the switch to the financial services industry to perform financial planning and advisory services for individuals and business owners.


Lanus Oeste

Valeria Fuks [MSIA]

Engineer; [Gen Mgmt/Strategy] [Marketing Sales]

Director, member of the Board, commercial director, planning and management control, Environmental Manager

Worked for Pratt & Whitney straight from Krannert, I was a Product Sales Manager, responsible for the sales of the repairs of rotating parts ( US$ 41 M annual plan).

Analysis Group

Washington D.C.

Shalini Nageswaran [Economics]

[Consulting] [Finance]

Economics and litigation consulting.

I started graduate school after my undergrad from Purdue. I got my PhD in Economics and now work for an economics consulting firm. My job involves economic modeling and damages analysis in securities and antitrust litigation.

Angelos and Rardin, CPA's


John Angelos [Management]

[Accounting] [Consulting]

CPA firm providing tax, accounting, auditing and advisory services

Went directly from Krannert to public accounting. Established my own practice after 9 years as an employee of other local firms.

Anheuser Busch


Matthew Johnson [Management]

[Consulting] [Finance] [Gen Mgmt/Strategy] [Marketing Sales]

Manage a team of 5 sales reps that call on retail accounts (bars, liquor stores, etc.) to sell in a variety of beer brands and complete company initiatives.

I was born a Purdue son, and followed in dad's footsteps by coming to Purdue and Krannert. By being a part of multiple organizations at Purdue, I developed good connections in and out of the Krannert community. As someone who loved dealing with numbers, I had a finance concentration and was looking to pursue a job with finance. When I saw that Anheuser-Busch was interviewing for a trainee program, I had to apply. / / Once I was accepted as an SMT with Anheuser-Busch, I was quick to accept the offer and moved out to St. Louis. For 7 months, I traveled around the country learning the beer industry. I was then placed at a company owned wholesaler in Boston as a District sales manager, and I currently have 8 direct reports.

Aon Hewitt


Raymond Baumruk [MBA]

[Consulting] [Gen Mgmt/Strategy]

Lead the employee research function for Aon Hewitt and consult with clients on employee research, employee engagement, and organizational behavior change.

During graduate school, I was a summer intern at an advertising agency learning consumer market research techniques. After graduating with a Marketing MBA (MSM at the time), I obtained a position as a marketing consultant with Technomic and consulted with clients on conducting market research and developing marketing strategies to take products/technology designed from one market/purpose and determine how to position it in other markets to expand revenue from the underlying asset. This was primarily business-to-business applications. After three years of marketing consulting, I was recruited to do market research except instead of consumers focused on employees at Hewitt Associates (now Aon Hewitt) where I've worked for the last 20 years.


Ryan J Bradtke [Economics]

[Consulting] [Finance] [Gen Mgmt/Strategy] [Human Resources]

Work with companies to identify business strategies to improve performance and develop executive compensation structures around performance attainment.

I did dual degrees in Economics and Political Science with the thought of entering law school. I received the honor of being one of the Secretary of Labor's interns my last year at Purdue and worked for a summer at the Bureau of Labor Statistics. I then graduated and worked at a top National Litigation Firm for a year and decided not to enter law school (due to missing quantitatively analytic work). Found a position at a leading independent executive compensation consulting firm, worked for 2 years there. Left and did contract consulting work for a year, was recruited to a UK bank for an internal strategy role (1yr), then returned to a consulting firm and have been here since (2yrs).



Brian Oldham [Management]

[Gen Mgmt/Strategy] [IT] [Operations]

Lead the technical architecture and assist in the product development strategy for the organization.

I was hired by NCR Corporate as an software developer and progressed into corporate internal systems research. I switched to being the director of core systems for Providian Insurance company for three years. After an acquisition, I accepted a job a leader of technology for GE Appliances business unit, where I lead the technology strategy for that business unit. After three successful years there, I decided to join a Software as a Service startup leading their operations. Within the first year, I was given Software Engineering and Professional Services. I have been with the company for 13 years and primarily held the CTO position. I did spend three years as a business unit lead, where I had P&L responsibility for 3 products.



Paul Gerstner [Management]

[Consulting] [Gen Mgmt/Strategy] [IT] [Marketing Sales]

Project Manager responsible for dealer implementation of online car-buying technology.

Spent 13 years with General Motors in a variety of field and central office assignments. Have also held business development and project manager positions in aerospace and automotive aftermarket.



Morgan Hewitt [Management]

[Human Resources]

I currently work within our Talent Acquisition, which focuses primarily on the College Recruiting for the organization. I help to make the schedule of events and work directly with our core universities. I am also responsible for managing the Internship Program.

My entire time at ArcelorMittal has been within the HR department. I have worked in our Learning & Development department, as a Generalist supporting specific functions within the organization, and now I am working in our Talent Acquisition group which is responsible for our college recruiting. I have had the opportunity to be exposed to a few different functions as part of my development.

Arizona State University


Robert St. Louis [PhD]


Teach classes on Information Management.

I took this job immediately after graduation.

Artisan Designs, American Digs


Erica Beaudry [MBA]

[Accounting] [Finance] [Gen Mgmt/Strategy] [Human Resources] [Marketing Sales] [Operations]

Small business owner/entrepreneur.

Launched a startup e-commerce company while in school - worked on that for approx 18 months, purchased an existing small business.

Ascension Health


Donald A Ledman [Management]

[Human Resources]

I work with a Health Ministry in Alabama to help them fill approximately 150 jobs at a time. I work with applicants to walk them through the process from applying to on boarding.

After getting my Bachelor's from Krannert I went to grad school at Purdue to study sports management. Unfortunately the job market wasn't great in that field (or many fields) in 2010 when I graduated with my Master's. I was able to get a position as Assistant Director of HR at Ivy Tech Lafayette shortly after graduation. Here I worked with any number of areas of HR including FMLA, Applicant Tracking, Affirmative Action, IPEDS, and Leave of Absences among other things. Following two plus years at Ivy Tech I decided it was time to move on and look elsewhere. Since I had married and moved to Zionsville I saw a great opportunity at the MSC which offers growth potential in the long term.


Texas City

Scott Grell [MBA]


Asiana Airlines


JongHo Choi [MBA]

[Gen Mgmt/Strategy] [Human Resources] [Operations]

Administration of airplane maintenance management

My study at Krannert MBA was supported by Asiana Airlines. After finishing the course, I came back to the company. I used to be an engineer before getting my MBA degree. Now I'm working at Administration of Maintenance and Engineering division.



Brian Belloli [Management]

[Consulting] [IT] [Marketing Sales] [Operations]

I support sales and marketing teams through advanced data analytics.

After graduating from Purdue I accepted a career with ZS Associates as a Business Information Systems associate doing consulting work for pharmaceutical companies. After 1.5 years at ZS, I left to pursue a career as an analyst for a small CNS focused pharmaceutical company called Lundbeck, where I worked for seven years. Following Lundbeck, I landed at my current employer, Astellas Pharmaceuticals.

Astellas Pharma


Nathan R Crisel [MBA]

[Gen Mgmt/Strategy]

Mid-term and long-term corporate strategy setting. Includes inorganic growth (i.e. mergers and acquisitions), organizational structure and decision making.

Initially worked at a startup company in the life sciences field as head of business development and partnering. Moved on to serve as the interim CEO for a radiopharmaceutical business producing radiochemistry hardware and radiopharmaceutical (PET tracer) diagnostic development. Began working at Astellas' US operations after transitioning out of my leadership role in the radiopharmaceutical business. With Astellas Pharma US, I worked in new product analysis and forecasting with responsibility for pipeline products and external opportunity analysis across all therapeutic areas. I then moved to Product and Portfolio Strategy at Astellas' headquarters in Tokyo. After two years in that role, I moved to Corporate Planning in Astellas.



Jason Paul Wade [Management]

[Consulting] [Gen Mgmt/Strategy] [IT] [Marketing Sales]

I consult with hospitals, pharma companies, and managed care facilities about ways that AT&T's wireless products and services can streamline their processes and in turn allow them to provide better care to their patients.

I began my career with AT&T in Atlanta after graduating from Krannert in 2007. My role at AT&T was selling products to small business accounts within the metro Atlanta area. I continued to succeed within that group and was promoted to an outside "hunter" where my goal was to acquire new business accounts. In 2011 I was offered a job within the Healthcare Client Group based out of Chicago supporting healthcare systems across the Midwest. I currently strategize with CIO's and CMIO's on ways they can improve their overall facility's processes from both an IT perspective as well as meeting physicians ever growing technology demands to stay connected. This includes secure & encrypted access to patient data (EMR systems) and application dev.


John Mohr [Industrial Management]


Software testing.

Started out in inside sales for an industrial paint company, then did programming for a household moving company. Learned a lot, then moved on to AT&T where I did business analyst work for 26 years until being downsized. Since then I have done some contract software testing.

Hoffman Estates

William Harder [Industrial Management]

[Marketing Sales]

I sell data, wireline and wireless service to business customers. I also call on a module of accounts to retain and grow business.

I started in technical sales, developed my career into marketing communications. I like interacting with customers, So I went back into sales 20 years ago. My expertise is in data communications.

Saint Louis

Arthur Terry [Industrial Management]


in my current position, we set and enforce standards for design and development on the AT&T corporate middleware platform. We are generally considered the experts on this software platform.

My path has always been in software development, though the nature of that Software has varied widely. 6.5 years in the aerospace industry working on software that supported everything from capital expenditure planning to machine tool monitoring. Then a short stint as consultant in biotech doing software to assist scientists with process data analysis. Then 3 years in a university setting do software to track data for studies for drug companies and the National Institutes of Health. Back to consulting for several years in the automobile industry in software for assembly line Monitoring. Then to telecom with AT&T with a then fledgling middleware organization that has grown into the interprocess communications platform for a corporation.

San Antonio

Hui-Ming Lo [Management]


Pulling the sales tax data from billing system and analyzing the data for audit purpose. Tax return reconciliation.

atQuest Solution


Mohammad Redzuan Ahmad Redza [Management]

[Consulting] [Finance] [Gen Mgmt/Strategy] [Human Resources] [IT] [Marketing Sales] [Operations]

I provide consultancy services in areas pertaining to server farm or datacenter design for businesses' intranet/Internet portal websites.

The things I studied at Krannert to what I actually do are completely different things. However, the principles that I learnt from the various courses and part time jobs I took at Krannert helped me tremendously to navigate through the career that I'm in!

Auburn University


Keven Yost [PhD]

Doctoral Candidate in Finance; [Finance]

Finance professor.

After graduating with a Ph.D. (actually, after finishing course work and before graduating) went to work as a professor. I visited (one year each) two schools before getting a tenure-track position at Auburn.

Automatic Data Processing


Linda Tromanhauser [MBA]

[Human Resources] [IT]

I design and develop instructor-led and online training for HR, Payroll, and other business-process outsourcing tools.

I found that I did not enjoy being a manager, but I very much like writing, coaching, and designing training. Several of the designers in our group have MBA-type backgrounds, and I find that it helps me to design training that fits with the strategic goals of our organization.

AXA Advisors

San Diego

Andrew Rosner [Management]

[Finance] [Marketing Sales]

I manage business and high net worth clients' investments and retirement plans as well as advise and handle their insurance needs both on the individual and group levels.

I interned with Ecolab the summer before my final semester. I was able to accept a job offer for San Diego, California, before graduation and spent two years working in the field with them as a Territory Manager. In that position I took sold industrial cleaning supplies to about 50 hotels and restaurants while growing my customer base with new clients. After two years I decided to start working towards my dream of being a financial advisor. I made the move and joined a small firm named the Pollakov Financial Group in March of 2012. I was recruited to take my practice to a larger firm in downtown San Diego a year later, joining AXA Advisors in March of 2013. I have been enjoying building my practice out of their offices to date.