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Dean John D. Jay

Krannert faculty members Dan E. Schendel, Wilbur G. Lewellen, Charles Lawrence, Joseph C. Ullman, and Dean John S. Day established the Business Opportunity Program (BOP) in April 1968 to broaden student access to a world-class management education. The program was one of the first and most successful of its kind at a major business school, and the first at Purdue.

In BOP’s second year, Dean Day hired Dr. Cornell A. Bell to run the program. Under Dr. Bell’s leadership, BOP has grown into a nationally recognized program that recruits, enrolls, educates, and provides support for both undergraduate and graduate students pursuing management careers. Since taking wing in 1968 with 11 undergraduate student participants, BOP has provided opportunities for more than 1,400 undergraduate and graduate students.

Dr. Bell stated, “When I think of Dean Day and the social environment in which he started the BOP program, I think it takes a lot of courage to be a leader.” About the faculty members whose idealism was the impetus for BOP, Dr. Bell had one word: “extraordinary.”

"We needed leadership from someone who understood what it took to be successful in college and recognized the barriers and challenges facing the young men and women we were trying so hard to bring here," said Professor Emeritus Dan Schendel. "That someone was Cornell Bell. He always felt there were no bounds to what students could accomplish through education."