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Ariana Evans (BOP '16)

Top 3 things about Purdue:

  1. Its worldwide reputation for being an academically rigorous school with many notable alumni.
  2. The atmosphere.  Genuinely kind students, faculty, and staff with immense school spirit.
  3. It's Business Opportunity Program - BOP, that provides resources (academic, professional, and financial) to help students reach their maximum potential.

Favorite activity or hobby:

Watching Purdue beat IU in every way possible.  I will provide a few examples:

  1. That 11/25/2017, Old Oaken Bucket game in Ross-Ade, 31-24
  2. The absolutely exhilarating basketball matchup on 2/28/2017 where the Boilers beat the Hoosiers 86-75
  3. How many IU astronauts have been in space or touched the moon?  Exactly.
  4. Let's not even mention how many lists rank Purdue academically superior to its counterpart.
  5. And the most important part: Purdue has me.

Favorite class:

Major Related: MA 16010 (Calc 1)

Non-Major Related: EAPS 106 (Geosciences in the Cinema)

What makes BOP special?

(I feel like this is answered in the next question)

With a full-ride to multiple colleges and universities, what made you choose to attend Purdue and participate in BOP?

I chose to attend Purdue University because of the atmosphere.  I visited Purdue three times before I officially decided to attend, and each time I fell more in love with the campus and it’s students.  Every time I left the campus I felt like I could see myself there for the next few years of my life.  When I visited other schools in Indiana, I did not get that same feeling.  I also chose to attend Purdue because it was recognized all over the globe for its academic strength.  I wanted that to be a part of my legacy.  However, the biggest reason I chose to attend Purdue was BOP.  With BOP, I felt like I would have a family at school away from my family at home that is always there when you need help academically or socially.  BOP also has notable alumni like Roland Parrish and Shawn Taylor that love giving back to the program and love supporting younger generations of BOP students in order to help them reach whatever they feel success is to them.  Darren Henry is the director of the program but is always a call/text away for any BOP student.  He does his absolute best to steer us in the right direction, while also making sure we have the freedom to be ourselves.  There are so many resources and human capital prevalent throughout the BOP program that it is truly an experience that can’t be replicated anywhere (although many do try).