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David Day (BOP '15)

Top 3 things about Purdue:

  1. BOP
  2. Respected amongst top professionals
  3. Diversification of student organizations

Favorite activity or hobby:

Volunteering at the local Lafayette high school by helping students with their homework.

Favorite class:

"Portuguese for Spanish Speakers" because growing up, I always wanted to be bilingual and learn Spanish.  Purdue helped me surpass my goal by offering Portuguese courses for Spanish speakers so I can learn the language in one semester and become trilingual.

What makes BOP special?

BOP's network is second to none.  It is unique due to how accessible the network actually is.  The alumni are more than willing to offer guidance, assistance, and answer any questions that the current students may have.  I am able to interact, study, and build life-long bonds with my peers who are just as motivated as I am.  In BOP, you never feel complacent and are motivated to strive for greatness.

Describe the life of a student athlete, and how difficult it is to manage your time:

Being a student-athlete requires an extensive amount of planning, prioritizing, and discipline.  During the season, I spend 40+ hours a week with football activities.  I have workouts, film meetings, playbook meetings, practice, and traveling.  I must plan each week out all the way to the minute to ensure I am maximizing my study time.  Time management is a skill that people often overlook.  It is crucial that when I set aside time to study, I concentrate so that I may be efficient.  I do not have the luxury of studying as much as my peers do, so I must study for quality opposed to quantity.  I must get ahead in my classes, with any excess free time that I have.  I try to limit as many distractions as possible during the week while still maintaining my social life on the weekends.  Lastly, I rely heavily on my BOP community to keep me up-to-date and encouraged whenever I feel overly stressed.