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Ivana Escobedo (BOP '16)

Top 3 things about Purdue:

  1. Professors that want you to succeed
  2. Countless ways to get involved within the community and campus
  3. The amount of diversity on campus

Favorite activity or hobby:

Going to the basketball games with all the friends I've made.

Favorite class:

MGMT 242: Personal Finance with Darren Henry.

What makes BOP special?

What makes BOP special?  The confidence the program gives you.  The countless skills and relationships you form.  BOP is a close-knit community and everyone is willing to help you and wants to watch you succeed.  You have countless resources and the amount of alumni that come back to inspire you is a priceless resource.

What made you interested in supply chain and have you enjoyed your internships in the field?

I became interested in supply chain when I realized there were so many opportunities for female minorities.