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Janelle Davis (BOP '16)

Top 3 things about Purdue:

  1. BOP
  2. Faculty and staff that want to see you succeed
  3. Endless opportunities

Favorite activity or hobby:

Spending time with friends.

Favorite class:

Contemporary Problems in Personal Finance for Minorities (MGMT 242).  I was able to learn the importance of planning my financial future, and how to avoid making the financial mistakes many young professionals make when entering the work force.

What makes BOP special?

The Business Opportunity Program (BOP) is not just a summer program; it's a community, a network, a family.  I met some of my very best friends my BOP summer, and they have continued ot be great friends, great classmates, and great supporters.  Aside from an amazing network, I have also gained crucial skills that will allow me to successfully navigate through the corporate world.

Discuss how you learned about different industries through BOP:

As BOP participants we're encouraged to partake in opportunities that will give us exposure to different industries.  I'm an Accounting major so naturally I gravitated towards Big 4 firms.  I spent two summers with PwC (Chicago/NYC) and had an amazing experience.  I learned a lot about how accounting firms operate and the opportunities within them.  Being in BOP, I learned the importance of not limiting yourself so I made it my goal to explore avenues other than Big 4 accounting firms.  I participated in programs which taught me about corporate finance and banking.  The exposured gained gave me a better understanding of the different career paths I could take and also led to my upcoming internship with J.P. Morgan.