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Miguel Diaz (BOP '17)

Top 3 things about Purdue:

  1. Networking opportunities
  2. Quality education
  3. BOP

Favorite activity or hobby:

Playing soccer at the T-rec or watching movies with friends.

Favorite class:

MGMT 243 (Contemporary Thought of Minorities in Management)

What makes BOP special?

The thing that makes BOP special is the family it creates.  Many of my closest friends at Purdue came from BOP.  It provided me with a solid foundation of friends who I know I can always count on.

Talk about your family's history with BOP:

The first person in my family to do the program was my sister, Ariana Diaz, who did the summer session in 2012.  She is now a digital marketing consultant for Accenture.  The following year, my cousin Mariela Carrasco did the summer session.  She is now working for Ernst & Young's tax service.  After seeing the success of my family I knew BOP was not an opportunity I could pass up.