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Shannon Moore (BOP '15)

Top 3 things about Purdue:

  1. The Business Opportunity Program
  2. The relationship one builds over their years at Purdue
  3. The opportunities attained while both attending Purdue and after graduating

Favorite activity or hobby:

Dance has always been a passion of mine since I was four years old.  Coming to Purdue, it was refreshing to know I would still be able to fulfill that passion through several dance organizations on campus while still completing my academic commitments.

Favorite class:

My favorite classes have been Minorities in Management and Personal Finance for Minorities.  These classes taught me a great deal about managing my own finances and how to have a successful career in Corporate America as a Black woman.

What makes BOP special?

When applying to other universities there was not one other school that offered a program as extensive and gratifying as BOP.  I contribute many of my successes thus far to the simple fact that I came through this program.  BOP connected me to a wide range of peers that acted as both my mentors and motivators, and who pushed me to succeed in my academics and my career.  In addition, all three internships that I have earned have in some way been made available to me because of the connections I have made in BOP.  The Business Opportunity Program is truly unique down to its foundation and can never be replicated.

What excites you about working in finance at a tech company?

When people think about careers in technology most automatically think of engineering or technicians.  However, the massive career opportunities in the tech industry are constantly expanding and evolving, even for non-technical roles such as Finance.  Technology provides the opportunity for me to work on several unique projects practically wherever I choose.  I am excited to explore a career where every day will be different and every experience will be unique.