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Sidney Hyette (BOP '16)

Top 3 things about Purdue:

  1. Diverse community
  2. Accessibility of knowledge
  3. Networking opportunities

Favorite activity or hobby:

I enjoy playing video games, which could possibly be why the concept of hacking has always been appealing to me.  Other than that, I really enjoy my job as a teaching assistant for the computer science department, where I get to teach students things like Microsoft Excel spreadsheet design and query building in Access.

Favorite class:

MGMT 254 (Business Law).  This was probably my most interesting class and the class in which I've learned the most.  Law is very intricate and classes like this are essential to understanding common things such as contracts and personal liabilities, which I knew absolutely nothing about.

What makes BOP special?

The most important things to note about the Business Opportunity Program is the sense of community and the network it provides.  Since the beginning of summer, I have had people to rely on and approach about things ranging from relationship advice to port forwarding on Linux.  This has always meant a lot to me and I hope to make the incoming classes feel that they can come to me about anything as well.

What type of work will you do this summer as a cyber advisory intern?

This summer, I will be working as a cyber consultant for KPMG at the practice's primary office in Irvine, California.  By speaking and meeting up with multiple professionals in the field over the past few months, I learned that there is much more to cyber security than what I initially thought, so I will be able to get a taste of each area during my time there.  In the future, I hope to become a Certified Ethical Hacker and obtain any other necessary credentials in order to provide the companies of the world with the best defense systems and breach response expertise.