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"The cutting-edge technologies, information strategies and analytic techniques that I mastered during my Krannert education serve as a foundation for my lifelong career in data analytics."

- Rachel Crouch, Krannert senior
Software developer, GM, effective August 2016



The BIAC will harvest publicly available data from the web, and statistical summaries of this data and results of other analyses will be shared with partner companies. It will organize conferences and industry events on cutting-edge topics. It will also develop webinars on various data analytics issues and help develop reverse webinars allowing companies to solicit reviews from Krannert faculty, students and other interested parties on corporate-developed technologies and software. It will facilitate individual consulting by faculty for company-specific needs on a contractual basis. Company employees involved in projects of the center will be awarded certificates of expertise once they gain certain competencies. Students employed at the center will be an excellent source of potential recruits for partner companies.


The BIAC will organize student events such as data dives, case competitions and workshops. It will also be an ideal platform for both faculty and students to conduct research in data analytics. The center will award seed grants to faculty and scholarships or assistantships to students to work on research projects in this domain. Qualified students will be employed to assist in various activities, including company-sponsored projects which will provide them with valuable experiential learning. Students will receive certificates of expertise upon gaining certain competencies.