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Our aim in research is to further advance our knowledge of the challenges that women face in the workforce, which will allow us to develop best practices and strategies for employees, management and organizations to improve workplace conditions for these women.

We are interested in better understanding the early career paths of women in management so that we can support them as they face challenges surrounding workplace gender equality.

Ellen Kossek giving a lecture

Couples,Work and Well-Being

Researchers: Dr. Kelly Schwind Wilson and Catherine Kleshinski

You are invited to participate in a study on couples, work, and well-being conducted by a Faculty Affiliate at the Brock-Wilson Center for Women in Management, Dr. Kelly Schwind Wilson, and a Krannert PhD student, Catherine Kleshinski. You are eligible if you work full-time and live with a spouse or partner who is also willing to participate. In this study you will be asked to complete three 15-minute surveys approximately two weeks apart and invite your spouse or partner to participate in one 15-minute survey.

You will be compensated with $5 via Tango Card for the first survey, $3 each for the second and third surveys, $4 for your spouse or partner, as well as a bonus payment of $10 if both of you complete the entire study, for a total of $25 collectively between the both of you. Tango Cards can be used at more than 75 retailers, including, iTunes, Target, and more. We will share your email address with Tango in order to process this compensation. Participation is first-come first-served to the first 250 participants, voluntary, and confidential.

Your responses will not be traceable to you personally. To learn more and take the first survey, please click this link: We very much appreciate your consideration.