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Human library discussions
Human library discussions
human library discussions
human library discussions

Human Library

Embrace Diversity. Promote Inclusion. Experience a Different Point of View. 

Thank you to our co-sponsors, Purdue University Libraries and the Office of Student Life, our books and readers for helping make the fourth annual Human Library at Purdue a success. The event hosted 50 books and over 255 readers who came to the PMU ballrooms on November 13, 2017 to embrace diversity, promote inclusion and experience a different point of view. 

What is a Human Library? 

A Human Library is a library of human beings, each representing a group in the community that may be exposed to stigma, prejudice and/or discrimination. Its purpose is to provide a safe conversational space where difficult questions are expected, appreciated and answered. 
How does it work? 

Patrons become readers by taking a person out on loan for a conversation on the topic that they represent. Conversations last approximately 30 minutes. This is not a storytelling session, but rather an experience of sharing built through questions and answers. The outcome of the session and direction of the talk depends on what the reader asks. It is the privilege of both parties to end the conversation at any point. 
Would you like to learn more? 

The Human Library Concept originated in Copenhagen in 2000. Visit the global Human Library website to learn more about these events and to watch the TEDx Talk from one of the original developers, Ronni Abergel. 

Event Details 

Date: Monday, April 1, 2019 
Time: 10:00 am – 3:00 pm 
Location: Purdue Memorial Union North and South Ballrooms 
(101 N. Grant Street, West Lafayette, IN) 
What to expect 

To check out a Human Book, readers make a request from the Librarian. Librarians will collect the book from the Bookshelf and bring them to meet the reader. Readers and books will then have the opportunity to find a space within the ballrooms to share their stories and engage in authentic, meaningful conversations. Once the book is due back to the library, readers can choose to renew the same book or check out another book on a different topic. When a reader is finished, he/she is asked to complete a brief evaluation before exiting the library.

Questions about Human Library? Contact