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Men as Allies

Preparing future business professionals to lead gender-diverse teams


Create better leaders
Invite men to pay attention
Enable greater impact
Highlight and frame gender issues
Support better decision-making
Chanda Foucher and Jonathan Santeliz

Chanda Foucher and Jonathan Santeliz, Krannert School of Management Men as Allies co-chairs

The Purdue Men as Allies organization was launched by Jonathan Santeliz and his co-chair Chanda Foucher in 2019. The organization takes a research-to-practice approach toward a variety of gender workplace issues.

Men as Allies collaborates with other organizations to host events and spark discussions to better prepare future leaders with awareness, knowledge, and tools to manage diversity and inclusion in their current and future roles.

For more information about the research and discussions taking place in this space, visit the Forté Men as Allies Initiative.

To get involved with the Men as Allies Initiative, contact the organization's president Roderick Henderson.