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About Us


Our Purpose

Communication Center promotes the creation and delivery of quality and quantity experiential learning activities. We provide opportunities for students to practice communication, teamwork, problem solving, and professionalism.

Communication Center works to:

  • Engage students interactive learning activities where students can apply classroom theory to a problem-solving application
  • Coach students through experiences where teams or individuals enhance skills in the areas of communication, teamwork, problem solving, and professionalism
  • Partner with faculty, industry, students, corporate partners to design and deliver interactive educational experiences both in the curricular and co-curricular areas
  • Collaborate with faculty to create an assessment tool for targeted experiential learning activities
  • Create a community of internal and external consultants to assist faculty with interactive activities



Our History

Boiler Business Competitions Logo

In 2014, Marcus Glick and Mriga Agarwal shared a common vision of providing students with the tools necessary to prepare for a successful consulting career.  By founding Boiler Business Competitions, these innovators ensured that future groups of students would have the opportunity to follow in their footsteps. Today, Marcus works for consulting firm Thomson Reuters while Mriga consults for Deloitte. We thank the alumnus and the numerous corporate partners who continue to support students in the case community.  BBC’s previous president, Christine Rasquinha, has dedicated tremendous effort to moving BBC into a new chapter of growth, incorporating more students with more effective tools than ever before.  Christine served as president of the Purdue University Consulting Club, a graduate consulting organization which now relies on her consulting expertise as a budding 3+2 Masters student.  Dedication from both clubs ensured that collaboration continued. The following president Matt Xia focused on quality club growth, expanding by hosting panel events and offering mentoring opportunities during case competitions.  

The following president Joshua Groh recently moved to rebrand Boiler Business Competitions as the LCS Case Community with the goal of consolidating the relationship between the LCS and BBC, eliminating efficiencies created by the maintenance of two brands and organizations, and focusing on the community aspect of case competitions.    

LCS Case Community

The LCS Case Community, formerly Boiler Business Competitions (BBC), was a student-led wing of the Leadership Communication Studio which organized and prepared ambitious students to compete in business case competitions. Case competitions provide students with an opportunity to improve and utilize analysis and presentations skills.  Students are required to analyze a business case in sometimes brief time frames ranging from hours to weeks, so mastering business frameworks for rapid use is crucial.  Teams of three to four students then present their solutions to a group of judges representing industry-leading corporations, opening numerous doors to new opportunities for those involved. Students can explore careers in consulting while preparing themselves for successful careers. 


Communication Center

The Communication Center reformed after the Leadership Communication Studio in the Krannert building closed. The student-led wing of the Leadership Communication Studio continues under this new name and will focus on creating signature learning opportunities for students interested in enhancing their professionalism and communication skills.