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Students: Participate in a case competition and you will...

  • Engage in critical thinking to solve a problem with a team
  • Build a social and professional network
  • Strengthen your resume
  • Apply classroom skills to real problems
"We welcome you to our community. The Krannert Communication Center focuses on co-creating case experience opportunities to provide students unique experiences to enhance their communication, critical thinking, teamwork, and professionalism career competencies. These transformative experiences allow students to apply classroom theory to actual application."


Melissa Evens, Collaborator and Krannert Communication Center Director

We offer workshops, training, and tools

The Krannert Communication Center offers experiences both inside and out of the classroom. Our program portfolio includes competitions, workshops, coaching, and digital tools. You can join the case community and weave in and out as your schedule allows. We help students start and move through case experiences.
Annual awards are presented at the Spring Undergraduate Honors Banquet to recognize outstanding student contributions and leadership in the case community.

Annual Krannert Communication Center Awards

Award Winner
Krannert Communication Center-Excellence in Service and Leadership Awards

The Krannert Communication Center recognizes students who have positively contributed to the case community through their participation, service, and leadership.

Award Ceremony
Krannert Communication Center STAMINA Awards

The Krannert Communication Center presents STAMINA awards to a group of outstanding first-year students, sophomores, juniors, and seniors. These students have participated in internal or external Purdue competitions. They have applied teamwork, professionalism, communication, and critical thinking skills throughout their case competition experiences.

Dr. Sara Stein Koch Scholarship

The Krannert Communication Center is honored to present the Dr. Sara Stein Koch Scholarship and Award annually to two outstanding rising seniors. The recognition is for student leaders returning next fall to continue their involvement in case experiences. The one to two awardees demonstrate outstanding leadership and a growth mindset through participation and leadership to implement case experiences. These students encourage other students to be involved in the Krannert Communication Center Case Community.

Young Lee, a Krannert alum, and his family have graciously endowed this award. Dr. Sara Stein Koch is a former director of the Krannert Undergraduate Program and the Krannert Communication Center and has been a pillar to push Purdue students forward. Young Lee and the Krannert School are grateful for Dr. Koch and her many contributions.



Taylor Jenkins  


Brendan Bonner  


Kevin Brown  


Marcus Glick  


Jifu J. Wen  


Joshua Groh  


Divyam Shah  


Joshua Groh  


Meagan Cooper  

Eesha Patel  

Tiffany Zheng  

Scholarship Awards


Corinne Chen

Anar Munkhbat  


Kijune Kim

Donald “Donnie” Smith

Our team is thankful

In the 2021-2022 academic year the Krannert Communication Center offered 22 different case experiences and 10 workshops. We appreciate the many contributors in the community including student teams, sponsors, faculty members, staff, alumni, and friends who collaborated with us.